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Re: Does your name suit you?

I believe it does. Although it is no longer a common name, it was back in the day. 

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Re: Does your name suit you?

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I like now...OK.


 Never liked it growing up.


I always wished that there was a  national law that when young people reached say, age 18, they had the choice of changing their name.  


It always seems odd to me that someone else got to choose my life long name🤔


 It is a lot like  naming a puppy.... you really should wait a while as who the puppy is really does not materialize until you get to know them.... human babies are named just hours or a day after birth... and that name is stuck with you  for the rest of your life...  everyone should have a say in what their name is!   If your name is not who you are you should have the right to change it without fuss.   IT IS YOUR NAME FOR GOSH SAKES!!!!!

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Re: Does your name suit you?

Not a common name but not rare either, old fashioned maybe.  There are other names I like but I cant image me with anyother name. Ive had it for 73 years.

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Re: Does your name suit you?

My name is not very common, and that's part of the reason l like it. I like being "different," lol.

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Re: Does your name suit you?

How about when a person's first name is almost the identical to their last?


Phillip Phillips, the singer.


We once met a man named Owen Owens.


No originality. Always thought so strange a person has to live with a

similiar first and last name. Why would a parent do that?

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Re: Does your name suit you?

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I used to have neighbors, one of whom went by "Sonny".  Turns out, his given name was Millard.  He and his wife had a son.  Named him Millard.  Millard, Jr. went by "Bubby".  I guess I understand why.


Reminds me of the Darrell brothers on the second Bob Newhart Show.




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Re: Does your name suit you?

When I was a kid I didn't like it, because it's a name you don't hear too often. Now I like it for that reason.


Now that I've lost my Mom I love my name even more because she gave it to me. And I love my middle name because it's her name. Always have for that reason.

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Re: Does your name suit you?

My name isn't as common as it used to be years ago. You can still hear it amongst adults though.


My mother spelt the name to be as phonetically close as she could to the correct pronounciation. We grew up in the south where someone would hit on vowels that weren't accented in the name. She felt it was important that people who say the name correctly.


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Re: Does your name suit you?

My name does not suit me, and I've always been called by a nickname so I'm not sure why my parents chose it. It would have been a perfect name for my great aunt, the nun.

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Re: Does your name suit you?

@house_cat wrote:

@QualityGal wrote:

No idea if it suits me or not, but today, you can call me Emily.  I had a great jr. high friend, named Emily.  She was great, and tall!  I'm so sorry I lost touch with her as we grew up.  I had a friend named Julie in childhood. Named all my girl dolls Karen.  I still love that too.

How funny... my mom had a few ideas for my name. The first was Bianca, which was my maternal grandmother who died while my mom was expecting me. She never knew about me because my mother knew she wouldn't live to see me and she didn't want to break her heart.  The other choices were Emily, Julie or Karen... she chose Karen and gave me Bianca as a middle name.  I have nothing against my name, it's neither here nor there in my opinion, but Julie and Emily sound prettier to me.

Our only dgd's name is Emily Elizabeth and I love that name.