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Re: Do You Use A Paper Calendar?

We use paper calendars. Dh uses a large calendar laid on his desk, kinda like those old blotters....remember them??


I have three 8 1/2" X 11" calendars that are supposed to be hung up, but I don't.  One if for my appts, relatives' B-days, cat and dogs' meds, etc.  The other 2 are used for my horses.  Each horse has his own.  I keep track of their hoof trims, vet visits, worming schedule, hours spent on the trail, etc.  I used to keep both on 1 calendar but since they're on different trimming and riding schedules it's just easier to have a separate calendar for each.

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Re: Do You Use A Paper Calendar?

I have a standard size photo calendar hanging on the wall right next to my computer and phone.  I'd never get anywhere without it.  The ol' memory just can't handle the increased load of medical appointments for both of us.