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after I got off work today,I went to a nice restraurant by my self,and had a great lunch.i was so hoping I wouldn't run into anyone I knew,kinda embarrassing dining alone.i could of went with parents,but they were dining at 5,and I knew I didn't want to wait that long. by the way,because I have no computer,and only a tablet,I don't capitalize anything.sorry!happy new year everyone and be safe!

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Good for you!!!!

I find I'm my best dining guest...I can pick where I want to eat, when I go and actually enjoy lone dining.  Although, I'm pretty social and always have conversation with someone dining.


(I love to travel alone NO drama or timelines😁)



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Good for you!  Have a wonderful new year Sherrikay! 👍🏼🎉🌹

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Eating alone is peaceful.  It's fun to have company.......... sometimes yes,\.... sometimes no.


Eating is to feed your body - not for social judgement nor approval.


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@sherrikay Happy New Year to you! After my DH died I went to Denny's a few times for a meal alone. It actually wasn't too bad but I understand how you feel.

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 @sherrikay   HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  I'm glad you had lunch! I've been doing take out mostly during the pandemic.  But before I would occasionally go. I know how you felt being alone. 
    Sometimes I'd take a book or text on my phone while waiting. 
   I'm on an I pad and when it was new I started typing on these forums and it helped me learn the onscreen keyboard. It's harder to do photos on it so I haven't done that yet. But it's a good way to learn. 
            🍽🍷  🎇🎆

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I have eaten alone a lot in all sorts of restaurants because my husband traveled a lot and I didn't want to go home from work and cook.


It never made me uncomfortable and I didn't take a book.  Just relax and enjoy the food, people watch, talk to the waiter and leave a nice tip.  It's fine!  


Usually I found the waiter would make a few extra stops to check on me and have a brief conversation--I think they know singles appreciate the attention.  At least the good waiters. . . 

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My job required quite a bit of traveling so I had to eat out alone often.  I got used to it but can honestly say it usually wasn't enjoyable for me.  I felt awkward just sitting there so I would bring a book or my work to look over.  That being said, for those who feel comfortable I think it's great to eat where you want when you want and often not have to listen to uninteresting chatter from your table mate.

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@sherrikay    I use two different tablets and have no difficulty capitalizing anything I want.  You can even capitalize on a cell phone. 

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I've dined alone for years now and always have my phone to play with. The other week, a lady in the next booth was leaving with her friend and she stopped at my table. She admired me for eating alone and she really never did that. I encouraged her to do so, she's missing out on good food and it's easier than cooking for 1 person sometimes. I always receive good service from the staff.