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Various family members do it for our loved ones who have gone on. One cemetary is in the woods in the middle of no where, that is where most of our relatives on my side are buried. There are beautiful trees in that cemetary, but limbs fall, there are a lot of leaves, we have to clean it up periodically.

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My parents are buried in a cemetery where decades ago went to ground level black markers with brass lettering.  The much older sections have the various type markers of different heights and materials.  When you ride through the sections my parents are in it just looks like a huge grass field till you get out and walk.  


Very strict rules - you can put flowers on the graves in vases that are part of the marker.  Nothing can be planted around the graves  and there's no stone to maintain.  

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@Brisko wrote:
This may sound strange to some people. I have always loved cemeteries. I guess it's like a part of history to me. I read the head stones and wonder about their lives. Why some passed so early? Others lived so long. I just have always been drawn to them. My children like them too. My parents took us to cemeteries all the time when I was growing up. They also liked it. Does anybody else do this?

Not strange to us doing family histories. It’s beautiful and think of all those memories there. Some headstones are very special.