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@SouthernBee wrote:

@crawford5153 : Yesterday, contractor finished enlarging our laundry closet so every thing in house needs cleaning. The laundry closet is in our combined dinning and family room. It has taken me all morning to do 1\2 of the room. DH had to clean the ceiling fan. I just finished the windows and blinds. Still need to dust everything and then clean the laminate floor. I am really worn out and body hurts all over. Next week will clean one room every other day. This was one way to force me to do a complete fall cleaning. 😀😀

That is exactly how I feel after I dust the furniture.  I can do dusting and cleaning bathrooms and kitchen in the scooter.  Anything that involves standing I cannot do.  Boy do I pay for it the next day; leaves me aching all over and worn out.