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Re: The Clarks shoes they showed last night ...

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Those of you who wear Clarks shoes.......do you find they run wide? I ask because I bought a pair of blue Clarks casual shoes about 5 years ago (on the order of a low cut tennis shoe). I normally wear a wide width but these only came in average width. I liked them so much that thought I'd try them anyhow. Well, I'm glad they didn't have wide widths! These average width shoes are almost too wide - I'd hate to think how a wide width would have fit. I love the shoes and normally only wear them in the fall and winter when I can wear a thicker sock with them. And they've held up beautifully - alm... Continue Reading


Re: Leah Williams says.......

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I personally can't wait until December 31st. That's the date I'll retire from my job and can finally get rid of a lot of my work clothes which I never intend to wear again. I'll be glad to be able to pare my wardrobe down to just a few essentials. I've never been a clothes hog but I still have a lot more than I'll ever need again. Continue Reading


Re: Pittsburgh ladies - we had the best corn yesterday...

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Just a suggestion.........perhaps the "discussion" on fracking, gas wells, etc. should be moved to it's own thread. Thank you Continue Reading


Re: Pittsburgh ladies - we had the best corn yesterday...

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If you're ever in the New Castle area during corn season, stop at The Apple Castle. It's on Route 18 just north of New Castle. They have the best corn - always picked fresh! They also sell their own vegetables as well as those from Amish farms in the area. And, in October they have an apple festival - I think it's the second Saturday - yummy apples of all types! Continue Reading


Re: When you're angry how do you express that anger?

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On 8/16/2014 kdgn said: If I am deeply angry I will become very quiet. I don't raise my voice and I don't swear, not at the time anyway. Later on when I'm alone I may turn the air blue. The quieter I speak, the angrier I am. Those who know me understand that. I'm the same way, though you could tell from the look on my face that I was very angry. Continue Reading


Re: Avenue (dot) com

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I used to buy their clothing, both on-line at at a local B&M store. I have bought nightwear but I quit buying other clothing because almost all of their tops were cut so low that I would be uncomfortable wearing them and it seemed that most of what I looked at was large, loud prints that, to me, looked terrible. Just not my style. Continue Reading


Re: QVC's Beauty Customer Choice Awards nominees seems a bit odd.

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I wonder if it's based on sales. If it sells the most, it's the "winner". Continue Reading


Re: O/T: Things our mothers did that we don't - fashion and otherwise.

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On 8/8/2014 sharlee said: On 8/8/2014 suzeecat said: I remember being mesmerized by watching my mother blot her lipstick on a tissue. I've never in my life done that. Of course, the classics, white shoes from Memorial to Labor Day ONLY. Match your shoes to your handbag, belt, other leather. Match your metals in jewelry, i.e. all gold or all silver. My mom blotted her lipstick religiously; it was just what you did back then. I remember a story about a little girl, on the one occasion when her mom neglected to blot her lipstick, asking "Aren't you going to kiss the toilet paper good-bye?' I... Continue Reading


Re: UPS....can't believe what they did!!

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On 8/14/2014 JustJazzmom said: On 8/14/2014 traveler said: When I lived in New Mexico I sometimes had a pkg held because it did not have international shipping stickers This reminded me of something I read several years ago when the Olympics were being held somewhere in the USA. People from New Mexico who called to get tickets to some of the events were told they had dialed the wrong number because the number they dialed was only for use within the United States! They were then told to call the number for buying tickets from other countries. Continue Reading


Re: OT: Computer Scammers At Work

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I usually screen calls and don't pick up any from numbers or names I don't recognize but every now and then I'll forget to look and answer. If someone starts to talk, I just lay the phone down and walk away. I come back a few minutes later and sure enough, they've hung up. Continue Reading

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