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Re: New Bounty Paper Towels

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1428576278.227

Seems kind of gimmicky to me - as some other posters have mentioned. Just too much trouble to have to keep a whole other roll of paper towels around when I can add my own Dawn to regular Bounty or use a sponge. Continue Reading


Re: Maybe evine is getting it right-good shows today

In All About Handbags 1428247247.18

I like evine but it seems to me they sell a lot of Invicta watched. Continue Reading


Re: Handicap Parking Spaces

In Viewpoints 1428159224.447

About 10 years before she died, my mom was able to get a placard for the car because she was unable to walk long distances due to severe breathing difficulties. She did not drive so I was allowed to use it for my car since I was her primary transportation. I made very sure that the placard was not in view unless she was in the car. Continue Reading


Re: Why Do Hosts Need QVC Facebook Customers Pick Out.......

In Fashion Talk 1427918036.493

She's just asking for an opinion . It doesn't mean that the dress, shoes, etc. chosen will be what she wears. Continue Reading


Re: O/T - anybody watching "Cancer: The Emperor of all Maladies"? On PBS

In Fashion Talk 1427883109.847

I watched part of Part Two because a portion of it was about Dr. Dennis Slamon, who invented Herceptin. I graduated from high school with him and it's so great to see success come to someone from our town. Continue Reading


Re: Are you using Ponds products for your skin care?

In Beauty Banter 1427882967.87

The only Pond's product I use is their cream cleanser (it's in a jar similar to the cold cream). I've used it for about 10 years now and just love it. It has a very mild cucumber scent and does a great job of removing makeup while not being greasy. Continue Reading


Re: Clark's "Orla Kiely"

In Clarks 1427711352.203

People.........GROW UP! You're acting like 12-year olds. What's that old saying....."Different strokes for different folks"? Everyone is entitled to state their opinion without being attacked for it. I'm getting so disappointed in these boards. Everything, no matter how minor, has to turn into an argument. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone ever have their Pyrex explode?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1427710634.893

I read somewhere a few months ago that the newer Pyrex is made differently from the older Pyrex and that it is the newer stuff that seems to be exploding. Since all of my Pyrex was handed down from my mother and is over 50 years old, I'm not worried. Continue Reading


Re: carlos falchi has passed away

In Fashion Talk 1427628507.977

I get notices from HSN on my FB page and they did mention his passing along with a very nice photo. It said that he was one of the first designers to appear on their station. Continue Reading


Re: O/T Ellen Pranked by Matt Lauer

In Beauty Banter 1427628218.66

I loved it when she thanked him for all the ping pong balls because she had a beer pong tournament scheduled. I think he was paying her back because she filled his car with ping pong balls a year or so ago. Continue Reading

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