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Re: O/T What is you earliest childhood memory?

In Fashion Talk 1406159753.803

My first very clear memory is of my sister's 2nd birthday. I would have been about 4 1/2 at the time. We were in my grandmother's dining room at her big round wooden table and I can see us all sitting around with my sister sitting in my dad's lap licking icing off her finger. I'm almost 66 now but this memory has always been so clear in my mind. Continue Reading


Re: Very Strange Smells

In Health & Fitness 1406159537.717

Were your windows open at home when you experienced these smells? I know I can often smell the fabric softener my neighbor uses when she does laundry - depending on how the wind is blowing. Continue Reading


Re: The Bachelorette - Anyone Watching?

In TV Talk 1406057474.517

There is a video out on YouTube of Nick talking on his cell phone on the plane going back home where he really puts Josh down. Someone sitting a couple of rows behind him posted it and he wasn't making any attempt to keep his voice down. From that conversation, it really sounds as though Andi picked Josh and Nick isn't at all happy about it! I agree with a previous poster, Nick wears terrible clothes and acts like a teenager. Continue Reading


Re: Are Jewelers Still Removing Watch Links for Free?

In Jewelry Talk 1405725259.127

I think it depends on the jeweler. If it's one you've dealt with for a long time, they may be willing to do it for free. The jewelry store I use will even order extra links if you need them - free of charge - if you bought the watch there. And, they change the watch battery free - forever! Continue Reading


Re: Returning produce to Walmart?

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1405604054.327

I've never returned produce but a few years ago I did get a replacement for a box of Clementines that I purchased at my local grocery store. At that time, they were packaged in a balsa wood box with netting over the top. What I could see of the bottom layer looked OK but when I got it home most of the Clementines in the bottom were rotten. I threw the whole box away. The next week when I was in the store, I saw the produce manager and mentioned it to him. I told him I had thrown the box away and didn't have my receipt, but he went and got me another box that had been just delivered that d... Continue Reading


Re: Question about easy pay?

In The Q We Love 1405603215.467

I've never tried to pay one off early but it's just a charge against your Qcard isn't it? I don't see why you couldn't just make an extra payment on the Qcard if you know what the amount will be. You'll have a credit balance for a couple of months until the easy pay charge hits, but that's usually no problem. Continue Reading


Re: Community Vote: Forum Improvements Suggestions Survey

In Q Did What?, Suggestion Box, Q News 1405513068.767

This was not on the survey but I would love to see a "like" button on threads, similar to the "quote" button. That way, a reader of the thread could agree with a particular post without having to quote it just to say "I agree". I feel this would greatly shorten the length of many threads. Continue Reading


Re: The Bachelorette - Anyone Watching?

In TV Talk 1405439648.043

I think I saw that Marcus is going to be on that new program that's starting after The Bachelorette is over - "Bachelors in Paradise" or something like that. I guess he got over Andi pretty quickly. Continue Reading


Re: As is

In Fashion Talk 1405426603.953

I've never ordered an "as is" item but I think I read that "as is" could be returns or items that were used on-air (like your pants could have been worn by a model during a presentation). Continue Reading

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