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Re: Meatballs - how do you fix them?

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I have a meatball-related question....... I want to make some meatballs and freeze them for future use. Is it better to freeze them before cooking them or would it be OK to go ahead and cook/bake them and then freeze them? Thanks! Continue Reading


Re: Thank you, Rachel, Melissa, Sandra and all the other t.v. cooks who don't...

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On 3/1/2015 Sooner said: I agree with you! That's why I LOVE Martha Stewart's PBS series on cooking and especially the baking one! I don't mind Ina so much because her extraneous clips are usually quick and relate to the party/food she is cooking better and show you something that might give you some good ideas. I agree Sooner. A few years ago, I had gotten really tired of Martha because I felt she was getting a bit too pretentious. I've been watching the cooking school and baking shows lately and she has really changed! I've gotten a lot of good ideas for food to cook and bake that look fa... Continue Reading


Re: Why do they keep using the same host ( Sharon and Dan ) on the food shows ?

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On 2/22/2015 Reever said: Dan is a nice man but I'm tired of him. He adds very little to the presentation and is not even attractive. Wow! That's just a tad judgemental. Continue Reading


Re: Who wore is better

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I don't know why she constantly dresses to accentuate those HUGE hips and rear. Not an attractive look at all IMHO. Continue Reading


Re: Cream type facial cleanser - unscented - need recommendations

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Ponds Cream Cleanser - NOT the cold cream. It may be difficult to find. I found it at CVS and you can also get it at Amazon. It comes in the same style jar as the cold cream but with a different shade of green lid. It does have a slight cucumber scent, but nothing overpowering. Love it, been using it for years. Continue Reading


Re: Help, please. I'm so afraid to buy another inferior vacuum cleaner.

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I have a Simplicity and a Panasonic - both uprights. Both are well over 20 years old and still going strong. I keep one upstairs and the other downstairs - just so I don't have to lug one up and down. They both are very light and clean very well. Every time I use one of them I say a little prayer that they keep running for a while so that I don't have to replace either one, though the Panasonic is being a little cranky lately. I also have a little Oreck canister that I use on the steps and to get into the nooks and crannies that the uprights won't clean. I think when I have to replace on... Continue Reading


Re: Hey,I'm Talkin' Here!

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On 2/19/2015 Tinkrbl44 said: On 2/16/2015 Argyll said: OK TKKs- "our place" has a new name but the same friendly ambiance,with flattering lighting,comfy chairs and great food for thought cooked up by our Girl Genius Correspondents and a renewed commitment to Fun,Beauty,Truth,and LOVE (and our beloved fur friends) Here's to friends and happy days! NO idea what you mean .... and what is a "TKK" ? I agree. Some explanation is in order, especially if you want to welcome new posters. Continue Reading


Re: OT - What is everyone giving up during Lent??

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On 2/18/2015 virgosun said: Just read an interesting take on this, how about giving up negative self talk and negative thinking! I like this approach! This is kind of what I have been doing for the past few years. I am trying very hard to be more positive, to improve myself and be the kind of person who inspires others. It's amazing how it carries over through the year - it's not something that ends at Easter. Continue Reading


Re: Thank you ME, VT, NJ, NY, PA

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It's probably going to be really bad when all that snow starts to melt. Huge piles against peoples houses - I would think there would be danger of foundations caving in, not to mention just generalized flooding. The whole New England area has been in my prayers. Continue Reading


Re: JK Simmons and the Oscar and Farmers Insurance Commercials

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He also was on one of the "Law & Order" programs playing a psychiatrist. This was during the time he was on "Oz" playing that horrible inmate. I saw an interview with him and he was commenting on having to switch back and forth between the extremes of the two roles. Continue Reading

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