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Re: Browser Issue

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Good grief! Does EVERYTHING have to turn into an argument!!!???? Continue Reading


Re: Need garage sale help and advice!

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On 3/23/2015 Seannie said: Hi, My MIL says shoppers at garage sales want everything like new AND for 25 cents! I always priced items at 1/10th of original price and if someone wanted to pay me much less than that, I told them to come back at 3 PM when we mark stuff down. In every instance when that happened, the item sold way before 3 at our asking price. These days, I can't deal with the thieves and con artists at garage sales anymore so my clothes go to consignment stores and I donate the rest. Seannie I so agree with the sentence I highlighted in your post. I save a lot for my church... Continue Reading


Re: Which jewelry is an absolute must for you?

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Definitely earrings. I also don't feel dressed when I go out without a watch. Continue Reading


Re: Need garage sale help and advice!

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Another thing to remember (it may have already been mentioned) is that no matter what time you advertise your sale to start, people will come early - sometimes as much as an hour or two! If your sale is being held in your garage, keep the door down until the starting time. If it's on your porch or in the yard, keep the tables covered and blocked off if possible. Of course, if you don't mind early shoppers, then you won't have to worry. Continue Reading


Re: glasses as fashion accessory?

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If you're going to have to wear them anyhow, why not get frames that compliment your face both in color and shape? Continue Reading


Re: Wen lawsuit about hair loss

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I haven't read all the responses here but I think it would be very hard to prove that any hair loss was caused by Wen. There are so many things that could cause loss - stress, diet, cosmetics (i.e.shampoos, conditioners, etc.) hormones, pollution - that, in my opinion, would make it difficult to narrow it down to one thing. Unless they prove that there is some ingredient in WEN that has been proven to cause this problem, they'd have a hard time winning a lawsuit. Of course, there would always be the possibility that WEN would quietly settle any lawsuit just to have it over, but who knows? ... Continue Reading


Re: I emailed QVC yesterday about PMS being on so late

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My thought is that perhaps other Q watchers didn't like the old schedule and wanted a different one and the Q is trying out new times to perhaps build an audience from those people. No matter what time they had anything on, there will always be someone who isn't happy. Continue Reading


Re: What's under your bed?

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What's under my bed? Nothing now. The dust bunnies and all their friends had built a village under there until I evicted them all and destroyed their homes the other day. Continue Reading


Re: Do you wear a cami everyday?

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When I was working I would wear one on days when I was wearing a lighter weight blouse or top because I felt more comfortable without my bra showing through. I also wore them because I never wore a slip - my skirts were all lined so what was the point? I don't anymore because I've retired and the clothing I wear now has changed. Continue Reading

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