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Re: Where's David?

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On 8/24/2014 SarahW said: On 8/24/2014 NYwoman said: On 8/24/2014 champagnepoodle said: He has a cook book signing event. Can't sign a book that has not been published yet. It is in the final stages. Why not? His last cookbook had a couple dozen "reviews" posted before it was ever sold. That's not unusual. I get e-mails from Amazon all the time for books that are not yet published or available and they always have reviews. I'm sure there are people who get advance copies of any kind of a book solely for the purpose of reviewing them. Continue Reading


Re: Storing "Half-Clean" Clothes -- Any Clever Ideas?

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On 8/25/2014 qualitygal said: Pick out 5-6 work outfits, put Monday's behind Fridays and do it that way, after you've worn Monday's outfit. Go right down the line. The other way is outfits to be reworn, put the hanger back in the closet backwards. The hook on the rod, that part. I've heard of switching the hangar around as a way of telling which of your clothes you really wear and which you should give away. At the beginning of the season make sure all the hangars are turned the same way. Then, as you wear different outfits, turn the hangars around the opposite way. At the end of the seaso... Continue Reading


Re: Have You Heard of the New Cause of Lines on Your Neck?

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I see people walking around all the time with their cell phones held between their ear and their shoulder. Would they get wrinkles only on one side? I'd think they'd be more likely to get permanent pain in the neck or shoulder muscles than neck wrinkles. Continue Reading


Re: Storing "Half-Clean" Clothes -- Any Clever Ideas?

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When I come home from work I usually immediately change from my work clothes to more casual "at-home" clothes. The clothing I've just taken off, which is not going directly into the hamper is just hung over the door of the closet to air out a little. Then at bedtime, I hang them in with my other clothes. As another poster said, if it's clean enough to be worn again, it's clean enough to be hung in with the not-yet-worn items. Continue Reading


Julep Nail Products

Last Reply by lmt 1409004724.647 | Started by paShar in Beauty Banter

Hi All.......Just curious. I saw an ad for this company on Yahoo and wondered if anyone had ever used their polish. They have some really lovely shades and the prices don't seem that bad. Thanks! Continue Reading


Re: Where's David?

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He said on Facebook that he was on a work assignment having to do with the new cookbook. Continue Reading


Re: How do I clean my Sketchers?

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I have a pair of Skechers (very casual - the bungee cord style) that are about 5 years old. They are a tan kind of suede-y fabric. They had gotten some dirty spots on them that I just couldn't get off no matter how hard I tried. In desperation, I sprayed Resolve carpet cleaning foam on them and scrubbed them with a vegetable brush. Amazingly, they look like new! Continue Reading


Re: Logo Tsv

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On 8/22/2014 esmerelda said: I will be SOOOOOO glad when hems return to being the same all the way around. The stretched-out, sloppy look has run it's course, IMO. I agree esmerelda! I didn't mind it when tops had a back hem that was an inch or so longer than the front hem but this whole "sharkbite" style just looks like the front shrunk and the rest didn't! Continue Reading


Re: Can you imagine a bedroom like this?

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I've never cared for having the family room in my bedroom. I don't spend that much time there. That's what the family room is for! Having said that, the colors are gorgeous! Continue Reading


Re: O/T Just for Fun..Think back - What was your very FIRST job (paid by check)

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I graduated from high school in June 1966 at age 17. In August I started my first job as a bank teller. I stayed with that bank for 32 years in a host of other jobs before moving on. Continue Reading

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