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Re: O/T Security tag still on Kohls purchase

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That happened to me once at a different store. The alarm never went off when I left the store but it did when I went back in. They told me that if the item was folded so that the tag was in the middle, surrounded by a lot of fabric it may not trip the alarm. Continue Reading


Re: worst christmas present

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My sister gave me a pair of earrings that I'd given her a couple of years before. I never said anything about it. I wear them quite often because I really liked them when I bought them for her. I just wish she'd also given me back the matching bracelet that I gave her! Continue Reading


Re: Buying clothes in 2015: What will you do differently?

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On 12/19/2014 ury said: On 12/19/2014 paShar said: I will be retiring on December 31 so I won't be buying many clothes at all next year. Blessings as you walk through your life transition. I hope 2015 brings you much joy and positive changes. Thank you so much for the kind words. I am so looking forward to starting the next phase of my life. Fortunately, my job does not require formal business attire - it's more of a business casual job so I don't have a lot of dressier clothes to contend with. I am dieting and slowly losing weight so that would be the only thing that would force me to ... Continue Reading


Re: Buying clothes in 2015: What will you do differently?

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I will be retiring on December 31 so I won't be buying many clothes at all next year. Continue Reading


Re: DIY Haircuts due to No Trust-

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I trim my own bangs on a weekly basis because they grow so fast but other than that I would never attempt to cut my own hair. The results would be scary. Your hair will grow out in a few months. In the meantime, check with friends and try out a new stylist. Continue Reading


Re: "you smell good! What is that?'

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I wear Donna Karan Cashmere Mist and I've been complimented many times and asked what I was wearing. Both by friends and strangers. I've asked people I know sometimes what they're wearing but I'd never ask a stranger - it just strikes me as being too intrusive. Continue Reading


Re: Phone Call???

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On 12/18/2014 kismet said: I can understand my phone number coming through but how does a robocall get my name? There are websites, such as whitepages.com, where you can search for a person's address. There is also a reverse phone number feature on that site where you can enter a phone number and, if it's a listed number, it will give you the persons name and address. Continue Reading


Re: Beautiful goodbye to Lisa...

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I didn't get to see Lisa's last show so I don't know what they showed, but on the E news website, there is a piece about her leaving along with a video of her with many of the vendors and clips from some of her shows. It was very interesting to watch. On her FB page, she said that on Saturday morning, she actually overslept, which she had never done. It's been fun to watch her evolution through the years both in presentation and fashion. When she first started, she did not dress very stylishly at all. Many of her outfits were just business suits and a white shirt with the cuffs of the shir... Continue Reading


Re: Totally O/T. Advice needed

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On 12/14/2014 BlueCollarBabe said: Let's face it. Your aunt is gone and she knows what is in your heart. Going to the funeral is to support the family and friends and why run the risk of a confrontation with her son? It would only ruin the day for you and anyone else in attendance. Do something nice in your aunt's memory. She will know. I agree with BCB. As a previous poster suggested, if your aunt had a church, send a donation in her memory. Or, make a contribution to a charity she supported. Continue Reading


Re: Anyone wear skirts anymore?

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On 12/12/2014 brii said: I don't wear slips. If it's see through or not lined, I don't buy it. I agree with brii. I wore a skirt to a wedding this summer and it was probably the first skirt I've had on in 10 years! Continue Reading

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