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Re: Same updates every night at shutdown

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You shouldn't have to wait around for the updates. Don't you get a message saying that your computer will automatically shut down when they're installed? I know you're have trouble getting them to install but I just wanted to comment on this other thing. Continue Reading


Re: Your favorite salad dressing...commercial or homemade!

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I love the Italian dressing from Good Seasons that you mix yourself. Either that or just plain old oil and vinegar. Continue Reading



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On 5/4/2015 ValuSkr said: Are washing machine cleanersOn 5/4/2015 Rocker said: I use the washing mach cleaners, with coupons & the sticks. I use Wisk to wash clothes. Are washing machine cleaners meant to be used with front-loading machines? I've seen the product but couldn't imagine why it was necessary after so many years without. They say that front loaders have more of a tendency to get a smell in them over time and that is what the cleaners are supposed to eliminate. I don't know if it's because they use less water and all the soap residue doesn't get rinsed out of the machine or w... Continue Reading


Re: Do you have a clothesline and if so, do you use it?

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I have lines strung in my basement to hang some things I don't want to put in the dryer but I haven't had lines outside for years. Used to love the smell of sheets and towels right off the line. Continue Reading


Re: O/T Just One More Irritating Thing About QVC

In Beauty Banter 1430305920.747

I guess I don't see QVC as being any different than a B&M store - do we expect that Macy's or Nordstrom or JC Penney employees only wear clothing sold by their employer? No, we don't, so why should QVC be the exception? Continue Reading


Re: New Bounty Paper Towels

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1428576278.227

Seems kind of gimmicky to me - as some other posters have mentioned. Just too much trouble to have to keep a whole other roll of paper towels around when I can add my own Dawn to regular Bounty or use a sponge. Continue Reading


Re: Maybe evine is getting it right-good shows today

In All About Handbags 1428247247.18

I like evine but it seems to me they sell a lot of Invicta watched. Continue Reading


Re: Handicap Parking Spaces

In Viewpoints 1428159224.447

About 10 years before she died, my mom was able to get a placard for the car because she was unable to walk long distances due to severe breathing difficulties. She did not drive so I was allowed to use it for my car since I was her primary transportation. I made very sure that the placard was not in view unless she was in the car. Continue Reading


Re: Why Do Hosts Need QVC Facebook Customers Pick Out.......

In Fashion Talk 1427918036.493

She's just asking for an opinion . It doesn't mean that the dress, shoes, etc. chosen will be what she wears. Continue Reading


Re: O/T - anybody watching "Cancer: The Emperor of all Maladies"? On PBS

In Fashion Talk 1427883109.847

I watched part of Part Two because a portion of it was about Dr. Dennis Slamon, who invented Herceptin. I graduated from high school with him and it's so great to see success come to someone from our town. Continue Reading

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