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Re: Mammogram call back

In Health & Fitness 1417041511.567

A few years ago when I had my annual mammo, it turned out I had a small cyst in one. For the next couple of years I had to go back every six months for followup ultrasounds just to keep an eye on it. For the last couple of years, I've just had to have my regular annual mammo's so it turned out to be nothing to worry about, thank goodness. Continue Reading


Re: End of Discussion--Period.

In The Q We Love 1416662625.053

Personally, I wish they'd close some of these threads that have rambled on for months/years with thousands of posts - or at least delete some of the old posts to keep the size to a reasonable length. Does anyone really read post #1 of a 3,000+ post thread? Continue Reading


Re: Anyone living in this blizzard?

In For the Home Talk 1416611903.667

It probably will be worse for you folks when all that snow starts to melt. I saw a very heartwarming photo on Facebook today of rescue workers - don't know if they were EMT's or firefighters - walking with a man on a stretcher to take him to the hospital. The ambulance had not been able to get to his home. Those of us who don't live in that part of the country need to say a little prayer for all the snowbound folks. It's been very cold here in western Pennsylvania for the past week, but I can live with that and know that I'm much better off than many others. Continue Reading


Re: Wish Susan would quit saying, "I'm only five feet four"........

In Susan Graver 1416580103.35

I don't mind hearing her say that. I think it helps to have a reference point so that if you are two or three inches taller or shorter, you'll have some idea of how the length of a garment will hit you. Also, as another poster said, we have to remember that not everyone has seen umpteen Susan Graver programs to know how tall she is. For a new viewer, that information might be very helpful. Continue Reading



In Fashion Talk 1416403095.647

On 11/18/2014 banjo said: Not all of the cost is shipping, some of it is handling. They have to pay those people that find, wrap, address and then ship the item. I think those sites that offer "free" shipping has the shipping and handling cost built into the price of the item. I agree banjo. It's not really "free". You're paying for it one way or the other. Continue Reading


Re: Thanksgiving food staples that WONT be on your table

In Kitchen & Food Talk 1416320094.307

No green bean casserole here. I love it but no one else in the family does so I'll make it for myself sometime. I don't like cornbread so I don't make it. Same with Brussels sprouts. Another poster mentioned sauerkraut. I'm in western Pennsylvania and we don't have sauerkraut on Thanksgiving - it's for New Year's dinner. Continue Reading


Re: Costco

In For the Home Talk 1416160330.993

On 11/13/2014 mousiegirl said: We are two, three every three months and summer, and I buy everything I can at Costco. For instance, two larger gallons of milk than the market offers is $3.+ for the two, half as much as at the market. The same with bread, I keep the extra bread and bagels in the freezer. Butter is dirt cheap, organic eggs, and on and on. The only items I don't buy there are items it doesn't carry, for the most part. mousiegirl......I had to chuckle at your last sentence (the one I bolded). I guess the same could be said of any store - we don't buy things there that they don't... Continue Reading


Re: OT-Progressive Lenses

In Beauty Banter 1415733585.38

I've had them for about ten years. Mine are trifocal and it took a bit of time to get used to them but I love them now. I agree with what others have to learn to move your eyes, not your head. Continue Reading


Re: Which Tree To Keep?

In For the Home Talk 1415733026.347

My mom made one similar to the small tree years ago in a ceramics class. It was green with snow on the branches. Now I see trees just like it all over the place! If I had a choice, I would keep the larger tree. Continue Reading


Re: What makes are person look older?

In Beauty Banter 1415644598.137

What I think is aging is older people who try too hard to look young. Whether it be hairstyle, makeup, clothing choices, etc. there is nothing sadder than someone trying too hard to regain their lost youth. I guess I just don't understand this obsession we have with looking younger. I'm not saying that we should just give up and let ourselves go but maybe if we embraced our flaws we'd be a lot happier. Continue Reading

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