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Has anyone heard of this company?

Last Reply by Snow Owl 1414197775.163 | Started by paShar in Beauty Banter

I was browsing through Facebook this afternoon and someone mentioned a company called "Ipsy". I went to their website and, apparently, for $10 a month you get a monthly beauty bag with 4 or 5 products. They show some of the previous months' bags and they are products from reputable companies. Has anyone heard of Ipsy and subscribed? What has been your experience? Thanks! Continue Reading


Re: scientists found perfume makes you prettier/more attractive

In Beauty Banter 1414156012.137

I don't know that wearing fragrance makes me more attractive. I do know that I don't feel completely dressed and ready to face the world without it! Continue Reading


Re: Roman Glass pieces--water damages them?

In Jewelry Talk 1414155940.87

You almost have to wonder why a company would create a line of jewelry that apparently isn't meant to be worn. Continue Reading


Re: OK let's hear from the Mother-In-laws

In Beauty Banter 1413911733.907

My sister has been divorced from her first husband for over 30 years now but, to the day she died, her exes mom treated my sister like the daughter she never had (she had four sons). They remained as close as family even though my sister wasn't in the family any more. She even called my sister her daughter. I think that's a rare relationship. Continue Reading


Re: Shocked the QVC advertised Malden Mills Polar Fleece sheets when they're not!

In For the Home Talk 1413899411.323

I bought the Malden Mills polar fleece sheets about 5 years ago and love them. They are not heavy at all but are very warm. I have the sheets on my bed with just a light blanket and those combined with my bedspread keep me toasty warm all winter. I was very surprised when I first received them because I expected them to be a heavier material but I'm very glad they are not! If the material was any heavier, it would be like sleeping in the oven! Continue Reading


Re: Need Help Neighbor Kids Vandalism

In For the Home Talk 1413737599.59

I know you said that the police won't do anything because you don't have a video of the little darlings in action but I would still call them every time something happens and ask that a report be made. That way, it's still on record when they graduate to more serious crimes. Continue Reading


Re: Cleaning a newspaper box (rural delivery)

In In the Garden 1413571547.59

Can you call the newspaper and just ask them to replace the boxes? Continue Reading


Re: "As is" Concentric bowl set

In Temp-tations 1413481549.633

It could be "as is" just because it was taken out of the packaging and used on-air for a demonstration when it was originally being sold. My understanding is that a lot of the as-is items were used for that purpose. Or it could have been a return. Continue Reading


Re: Enjoying this morning's Jim Shore show !!!!! (:

In For the Home Talk 1413375532.157

My sister is a Jim Shore collector so every year I get her a piece of his. I usually get them at my local Hallmark store but I saw a really cute piece on line last week so I picked it up for her (I don't want to be more specific in case she reads this thread!). I love his things and also wish he was on at varying times of day. Continue Reading


Inside Q

Started by paShar in Among Friends 1413375377.823

In the mail yesterday was a copy of "Inside Q" magazine. Is this the same as the old Insider? It seems to have the same format. I was a subscriber several years ago but did not renew because I felt it wasn't worth the price. Then I heard that the paper version was cancelled and only on-line subscriptions were being honored. Continue Reading

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