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Re: The Bold & The Beautiful --- December 2014 (includes spoilers)

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i can't stand Rick either anymore. Hopefully he gets caught with his pants down.Lol. Continue Reading


Re: The Bold & The Beautiful --- December 2014 (includes spoilers)

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I hope that someone sees Rick and Maya together soon and blows this affair of theirs out in the open. THEN maybe Eric will get Maya fired for real. I hate this two faced Rick, I hope it backfires soon here. Continue Reading



In Jewelry Talk 1418863205.237

On 12/17/2014 lavenderjunkie said: Jena: what JR did you get? Ok, I'll fess up. J294207, J296663 and J294379. I got better pricing than what's shown now and decided to just try them out. Well the cuff and bracelet are out of this world, Esp. the 118 facet ;)) It was a stretch to order the Lady Zeus too. But I'm done, stick a fork in me.....:)) Continue Reading


Re: Let's Discuss: Judith Ripka early December 2014 visit--what are you getting/interested in?... :)

In Judith Ripka 1418859756.637

Lucky Peach, you wanted reviews, well here are 3. #J294207 Pave Diam. Cuff. in small. I bought this cuff and the matching ring. Really goes well together. The cuff fits perfectly, got it on finally without pinching. It certainly doesn't move around and I love that. The 118 facet DMQ bracelet in 6.75 is next on the wrist. It has a little more leeway, not snug. I can get my finger between the bracelet and my wrist. I guess my wrist is slightly under 6". The 118 facets are sure brillant, love this bracelet. Normally you wouldn't catch me buying a bracelet, I'm a cuff gal but this one is staying.... Continue Reading



In Jewelry Talk 1418852749.287

As cancelation happy as I am, the cancel button on the Lady Zeus is not pulled yet. Wow, I could still cancel at this late date. Unbelievable. I am not so loving the weight of this watch. I think the Excursion is tall enough but this is even taller. I,m going to check out that Grand Diver again, I believe that's the red dial many watches,,,good grief. I'm wearing the SS Abyss today LOVE THIS WAtch,,,,,and it's my perfect size. 38mm and 14mm tall. I'll let the order stand and see what I think when it gets here. Fat chance of going back at that point, unless it screams defective!!, I ... Continue Reading



In Jewelry Talk 1418777262.627

A little bird flew over and brought this Lady Zeus to my attention at this great price. I've always wanted the two tone but the SS/YT has been long sold out. I grabbed the YT/SS cable now but I'm thinking maybe the GT/RT would look different. I better make up my mind. Anyone else grabbing one before the price is gone? Thx little birdie...I don't know really whether to thank you or not. My credit card just went screaming out the door. ;)) Continue Reading


Re: The Bold & The Beautiful --- December 2014 (includes spoilers)

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It's allllll about Hope. She couldn't care less how she is hurting Liams relationships, it's all about her and her feelings. I suppose now Ivy will feel that Liam is holding out for Hope. I sure hope not. Continue Reading



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Wow you gals are really busy buying up a storm. I'm trying to stay away so I don't get hyped up thinking I need another watch.....I OD'd on Ripka this last visit, so I'm waiting for her jewelry and passing on the watches. But that pink bezel Scuba I noticed...loved it really. The green YT GD I loved but passed on. All those 8 slot boxes, wow...I wish they would knock that off. Anyway I'm patiently waiting on something other than a ticker. Continue Reading



In Judith Ripka 1418393281.983

Well moongirl, did you cancel anything? I always end up canceling some or all. But 'after' canceling the gold clad and Sterling cuffs, I went back online and ordered them again, that OTO price drew me in. Looking at the price again, I'm glad I did. But if my waitlist ever fills on the gold clad, I'll be doubtful. Anyway, like they have till 1/31/15 to return. Continue Reading

Last Reply by jenagal 1418393281.68 | Started by jenagal in Judith Ripka

The Yellowgold and Sterling are both one time Only's and I just had to purchase both of them. Anyone bought and was disappointed? I guess I'll take a chance at the OTO price. They can always go back. I had the YG clad ring but the $44. Sterling was calling my name also. This has been an expensive day for me. Merry Christmas to me. ;)) Continue Reading

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