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Re: WATCH COLLECTORS.......March 2015

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Aub, I'm glad you love your last purchase. Looking at the white poly strapped Zeus, I would love to own it if only I didn't already have the same metal combo and if the white poly strap was guaranteed never to get dirty. Now if that were white ceramic instead, that would give me a problem. LJ too, probably. lol. Continue Reading


Re: WATCH COLLECTORS.......March 2015

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Kzeks, welcome. Thx for the new watch site. Very interesting. Do you own any of these wooden watches? Some are quite attractive. Continue Reading


Re: I'm in Big Trouble

In Judith Ripka 1427501125.457

Well I love it too. So Continue Reading


Re: WATCH COLLECTORS.......March 2015

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With my latest watch purchase, the J290763 green Ripka Monoco I haven't been looking at watches or presentations. Just getting all my watches up and running again is always a chore. LJ, what frustrates me is..when we go and pay for a lifetime warranty of Renato,watches and we don't so much as get a receipt, it makes me upset. Now when we need service we have to provide proof that we have this warranty. I have paperwork of some sort showing that purchase that I printed off myself, and it wasn't sent to me. Grrr. I have one watch that still needs to be sent in. I'll have to get to work and call... Continue Reading


Re: TSV bangle sizing

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With this sizing, I wanted a snuggler feel rather than slippage. I can put two fingers under my bangle but yet there is hardly any maneuver room to set the locking arm. Mine does not slide at all. Stays put. My 5.75" wrist is happy with the small. The oval makes the big difference for me. A round would probably slide and I hate that. Hopefully everyone gets what they want. Continue Reading


Re: TSV bangle sizing

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Mskringle, Thx for your info. Today I received the Amy bangle (yesterday the L blue) and the multi cuff. Talk about some awesome stacking, the two bangles on either side of the multi (j320696) is beautiful. I'm glad the legs on the multi are longer than her cuffs, for it feels more secure this way and not liable to get caught on some piece of clothing and flip to the floor. I'm very happy with my three newbies. This Ripka trip was an expensive one but I'm in love with them. Continue Reading


Re: TSV bangle sizing

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Sorry for the double post. Either I lose it in cyberspace or it double posts. Ughh. Continue Reading


Re: TSV bangle sizing

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Ok gals, since I love this oval bangle, can you answer me a question. Has Judith made all her bangles round and this one is her first oval? I want oval so I don't know whether to start searching for her other(s) or is this the first? TIA. Continue Reading


Re: I received the TSV bangle in blue topaz. It is a winner!

In Judith Ripka 1426712212.42

Well this is my first Ripka bangle, for I have this love affair with her cuffs. Don't like bracelets, too much slidding and banging around., But this bangle, with the small size on my 5.75" wrist fits perfectly. I have just enough room to close the little locking arm and it feels secure. I like oval bangles better than the cuffs now for I can't see losing a bangle, like I almost did the cuff. This can't catch on something and flip off the wrist. Interesting. I have the Amy coming tomorrow and I know I'll love her too. I hope everyone else loves theirs. Continue Reading


Re: The Bold & The Beautiful --- March 2015 (includes spoilers)

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All I have to say, it's too far fetched. At this point in their relationalship and Rick didn't catch on...I don't believe it. She may deny it and say poor no instead. That I believe. Continue Reading

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