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Re: Shop HQ improving? No. Just no.

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I like the clothes I purchased from ShopHQ a lot. And frankly I LOVE the prices. So I'm not wishing for more expensively trained hosts, beautiful sets and high production costs. Continue Reading


Re: Linea Byzantine Mosaic Print Top - SNEAK PEEK

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On 10/9/2014 GraceCO said: On 10/9/2014 Louisa May said: Thanks, everyone! When I searched for the item number, it said "sold out." Louisa May, for some reason, and maybe it's a quirk of QVC's database, but once a number is assigned to an item (but before that item is available for purchase), when you search by that item number, it shows that it is "sold out." When an item is actually sold out, the messaging is completely different--you see photos and a sentence saying "it's no longer available." Hope that roundabout explanation helps--that "sold out" message confused me for awhile, too! Th... Continue Reading


Re: Linea Byzantine Mosaic Print Top - SNEAK PEEK

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Thanks, everyone! When I searched for the item number, it said "sold out." Continue Reading


Re: Linea Byzantine Mosaic Print Top - SNEAK PEEK

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Abosolutely gorgeous! And sold out. Continue Reading


Re: Orchid Explore vs Scan n cut

In Scrapbooking 1412699122.217

I don't have either machine, but the TV/VIMLEO (you can stream it online) program "Scrapbook Soup" is one long commercial for the Brother Scan n Cut. You can see it demonstrated with explanations here: http://scrapbooksouptv.com/ I know it's not the same as a personal testimonial, and you might find reviews on it at HSN.com. They sold it a few months ago. I'm not an expert, but the Brother looks superior in many ways. Continue Reading


Re: I am so sick of being insulted!

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Trends change in standards of beauty like everything else. The standard of beauty is now taller. Models, as far as I know, have always been taller than average women. But now "tall is beautiful" for everyone. So be it. I'm short too. You can be hurt to realize we're not in the gorgeous category in mass opinion. Or you can let it roll off. I believe how we view ourselves determines how others will see us in our individual lives. So to the OP, don't nurse your hurt. Feeling good about yourself is the best revenge: Get the good feeling about yourself first, and then watch how others ... Continue Reading


Re: Most of Martha Stewart on Clearance on HSN

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i wondered the same thing. Presentations of her products have become weaker and weaker over the past year or so, and I thought she might have a contract that was ending. I like her products and will be sorry if she leaves. Continue Reading


Re: today's special on Oct. 7

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My first thought: Does it come with body lotion? My second: Are they marketing to idiots? Continue Reading


Re: Has Anyone Ever Unmounted Their Wooden Stamps?

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I unmounted my wood mounted background and decorative stamps to make them easier to use, not because of storage issues (although that helped). I need to be able to use my stamp press and clear acrylic blocks for background and decorative stamps. I continue to buy focal stamps mounted, because I prefer them when I'm not stamping directly on a design, or when I don't care within fractions of inches where the stamp hits. But for lining up designs or getting a decorative element just right, I need to see clearly where I am. I keep my wood mounted stamps in hanging shoe bags the kind with tr... Continue Reading


Re: I combined my multiple Anna Griffin card kits. Dare I toss the boxes they came in?

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I recently was overwhelmed by the good boxes I'd been keeping for several years, and I tossed them. My new mantra is use them in one year or out they go. If you can't use them to put birthday or Christmas gifts in this year, I'd seriously think about recycling them or giving them away. I know exactly how you feel! Continue Reading

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