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My 85 yr. old mom has had such pain with this ,sinse last november, she is  just in so much pain.

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Thank you for your good wishes.  I will post my result....


Thank you for your good wishes.  I will post my result.  My doc said it might take a couple weeks to really feel the full effect as the area may be swollen for a little bit.  I can deal with that. Hopefully when the swelling subsides relief will be there.  Im keeping my fingers crossed.

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I have been suffering from sciatica since Febuary.  Ive had it before thru the years.  This time it just has not gone away.  Ive tried all my usual go to's.  Physical Therapy, chiro, and acupuncture. So Monday I am having a mini surgery to remove whatever is compressing on the nerve.  Im hoping this will work.  The sciatica has altered my life dramatically this time around and I donot like losing my mobility, independance and freedom to go and do whatever I need /want to. Im hoping this will work.  

Has your ortho prescribed an anti-inflammatory, such as a steroid or meloxicam?  Strong stuff, but it worked for me (as did epidurals).  Best of luck with your procedure.

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My husband suffered horribly from it.  To the point where he had no option but to crawl on the floor and lay on the couch.  He got the surgery and BAM...he was up and out mowing the lawn in no time at all.  He wasn't supposed to so soon but of course but he did.  He said he never felt better.  The pain was gone and he was so happy to have gone through with the surgery.  This was over 15 years ago. I know surgery is scary but boy what a difference it made for him.  He's been upright and pain free since.  Obviously not everyone is the same but I know that once you have been in pain and suddenly you are pain free what a wonderful feeling that is.  

what kind of surgery did he have....glad it helped him....might be something i'll have to look into.....