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@Desertdi wrote:

@Kachina624     Speaking of grocery stores....


I would NEVER consider buying clothes in a grocery store...but I was walking my cart around the store (for exercise) and wandered into Kroger's ladies clothing department. 


Found 2 sweatshirts...REAL (not

french terry),  modern, and not the collegiate style... reduced 86%.   Good enough for "AZ casual"... or in my case....winter sleepwear(!)  di

I bought a few Carhartt shirts at a good price for my husband at Fry's, @Desertdi 

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@Tinkrbl44, I understand. As I said, I was just explaining how they are here but I realize they might be much different in different parts of the country. It's not my first choice of where to shop for clothes, mainly because that store is always crowded and I don't want to fight the crowds, but I have bought some nice quality clothing items over the years.