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I have arthritis in my left hip.  I am seeing my orthopedist in a follow-up appointment next week.  He will be doint an injection into my hip joint I believe. 

I have had pain in the joint since March.

I have tried physical therapy, exercises at home , and acupuncture.  And over the counter medication. 

I was wondering if anyone has had hip injections??  I have never had one before


I am pretty good with handling pain.  Previously getting injections in shoulder and elbow.

Also any other suggestions.

Thanks so very much

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No,  I've not had a hip injection--but did have one in my shoulder and it was not awful--got  little pre- shot of numbing first and then the real thing----all was fine afterwards maybe just a little sore but it so helped that painful shoulder---you could youtube that procedure if you want to see it done. good luck!!

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I had hip injections for just over a year.  Realizing this couldn't go on forever, (I did have a pronounced limp) I opted for the suggested surgery.  The results weren't immediate, but the pain gradually got better.  Procedure was called a trochanteric bursectomy.

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thank you both

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@ruthbewhat sort of injection you were thinking of for your hip?


Also, wondering, have you tried cold laser treatments?  Sometimes that alone or mixed with acupuncture can be very effective.  Keep in mind not all acupuncturists are created equal.  Maybe try someone new? 



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I had 2 cortisone injections done for my hip pain. Sorry to say, they did nothing for me. Pain may have gotten a little better but soon it was back. I did have a posterior hip replacement after that, best decision.  I previously had cortisone injections for heel spurs and ganglion cyst on top of foot where laces tie.  The shots did work for them.  Good luck with your injections in your hip.

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I have not heard of the cold laser treatments..I will look into that.

Regarding the acupuncture.  I have been going to where my insurance will pay.  I will consider others...thanks for your help.


thanks to all of you.  I really appreciate all of you!!

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I have arthritis in my hip and had a cortisone injection in August.  It was done at my hospital with a Dr., intern and technician.  All wonderful.  They gave me a numbing shot first and then the injection.  An ultrasound/monitor was used to ensure the right spot was injected.  All in all the procedure was less than 10 minutes.  I felt wonderful afterwards and was in minimal pain.  I had some bruising afterwards but nothing substantial.


 I was hopeful for a few months of relief but sadly, the relief lasted only a couple of weeks.  But the first week was wonderful, practically no pain.  For some, the relief can last up to 6 months.


I'm scheduled for surgery in February, anterior hip replacement (less invasive than posterior)...just know that if you do get an injection you cannot have surgery for at least 3 months after.  My dr was booking out 6 months when I first went to see him.


Good luck, it was totally worth it for the short amount of relief I had, I just wish it lasted longer...

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@ruthbe  My ortho doctor put what is called a large joint injection into my hip.   He numbed it with a spray novacaine and leaves you laying there for a few minutes then does the steroid into the hip.   My husband looked like he was going to hit the floor but I handled it with style.   We followed up with physical therapy but yet the pain remains.   Bursistis and this cold snap go hand in hand for me!


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thanks to everyone for replys...