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well my monday has sucked.the tooth that i recently had a filling done,came out today .this sucks,bc im sure now dentist will want to do a root canal,and im not doing that.ive already had 1 tooth pulled so i guess i will do it again.the cost is terrible,bc i have to be put out

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I hate it when that happens.  None of the choices are fun.  I hope you get relief very quickly  I have spent many hours in dentist chairs getting repairs on my teeth over the years.  Sorry you have to endure this dental trouble.

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So sorry! I hope it can be repaired.   I know dental work is terribly expensive. If you are going to go ahead and get a root canal, I strongly suggest you see an endodontist, not a dentist.  Aren't there companies which offer payment plans for dental work?

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the place where i got my 1st tooth pulled,only took cash or creditcard.i pd them cash and was happy it was over,but sad i had to part with my hard earned money.i guess my choppers cant last forever

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@sherrikay Could you possibly need a night guard to protect your teeth? Are you clenching them and causing some of this breakage? Your experiences sound like mine. I wear a guard and cracked one tooth all the way up the root. Then I broke off part of one of my front teeth, but my dentist was able to build it back to its original shape in her office. Her comment was, "I can't imagine the problems you would have if you weren't using a guard." It might be worth asking if you are needing one. I think the dentists call it bruxing your teeth; I call it grinding.

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That is too bad. I've had minimal discomfort with root canals so that would be an option for me.

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IMO it's very important to take care of your teeth.  In fact, I have regular dental check ups but haven't been to my PCP is over 2 years.  Eyes and teeth are my priorities!!!1



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I feel your pain.  I have severe dry mouth.  It's really hard on my teeth.  People say, "Drink more water".


I have a water dispenser in my house.  I drink water all day long.  It has nothing to do with water.  Your saliva is different from water.


About two weeks ago my dentist's partner put in a metal post in my jaw.  Then (tomorrow he will put in a cap.  It's a back jaw tooth.  He's been preparing this for 2 years.  He put in a cadaver bone.  That had to heal.  Now it is ready for the post ( which he Putin 2 weeks ago.


I could feel and hear him drilling into my jaw and he used what was like a small wrench to twist and tighten it up.


Never did it hurt.  Modern medicine is amazing.  I'm glad I live in a time when this stuff can be done.


I take medicine that helps make the saliva I need.  Most of the time it works, but when it doesn't, my mouth gets so dry I can't talk at all.  It is terrible.


I have no idea how much money I've given him over these past few years.  Before I had this problem I never had a cavity.


I was just telling my friend that moms used to like the idea of their children marrying a doctor or lawyer.  However, I'm all for a dentist, an electrician, a plumber or someone who could fix my heat pump!  Ha!

These teeth of mine are 73 years old ( I'm 74 so I guess that's right).  They aren't especially'pretty' but they're good enough.



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Are you not having a root canal because of money or pain?   I would have a root canal before I'd have my tooth pulled.  I've had a couple.

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Bc I am terrified of a root canal.u have to understand,needles almost me past out..y pain level is zilch