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I have taken his multi vitamin for years  Once a year I buy the largest amount and it comes in a big tub  This time I just received 400 in a little bottle  Im so confused  It says essential 1 on the bottle  Does anyone know anything about this?

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Call the company.

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Like most companies Andrew has started using smaller packing ,got mine and I think the capsules are smaller, have not opened it yet.

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@mollymaggie  ~


I just went and checked what I recieved a few days ago.  I too ordered the Essential 1 TS.  The bottle from last years TS is bigger, but that TS was for 600 Capsules.  This year it is for 400.  Hope this helps. 


ETA ~ Capsule is the same size - I opened and checked. 

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Thank you so much for going out of your way


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I was almost out so I ordered the TS.  I compared my last bottle to the new one and they're the same size. 

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Re: andrew lessman

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In the past, did you order one of the "complete" daily vitamins that has multiple pills in a packet you have to open? Those are definitely in a "tub".

The Essential one have been in the smaller type bottle since he introduced them. They were never in a tub similar to the size that Secure come in for the 100 serving size 

I switched from the "complete" at that time.

Hope this helps


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He's reducing bottle sizes and going to bags for some things.  I believe Secure was in a bag for the TS in January.

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