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How many of you practice yoga and what type of yoga do you practice? I have been practicing yoga off and on for 20 years and have always stuck with the basic Hatha yoga. I subscribe to Yoga Journal and find it refreshing now that people of all shapes and sizes practice yoga, not just tall thin people. I also, like using props to get into position, I feel it's safer and more relaxing. I have been to yoga classes over the years and really never loved any of the classes. My initial yoga instructor was great and there were no injuries in her class, unfortunately for me, she moved to New Jersey.

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I do restorative because it involves me literally laying on the floor doing very little.  But it has made a difference in my balance and it doesn't take me as long to get into the floor poses as it used to.

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I haven’t been to a yoga class since the most wonderful instructor had to leave.She always made us all feel so loved,relaxed and renewed.I don’t think there is anyone else quite like her.

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OMG.. you could be describing my teacher ... she was great ....and I

really got seriouly into the practice ...but she left to back North with

the birth of a gr. child ... I have not been to a class since ...


She was the best ....sounds like the same teacher .. your not from

Ft. Myers are you ??

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Ive been doing yoga for the past nine years but stopped altogether last year due to health issues. I started at a private practice in California and loved it so much i couldnt quit. I became a new person. I have to say authentic yoga really depends on the place and your instructor. There are tons of yoga centers everywhere popping up but in my opinion they're not authentic yoga. Not one of them made me feel like i used to with my old practice, it actually caused me more frustratin than relaxation. 

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I practice Yin yoga at my local YMCA. Love it! 

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I do a mix of yoga and mostly Pilates. I've tried to stick solely with yoga but I get bored. I see results faster with Pilates since there is more emphasis on buliding strength. I really prefer the idea of learning how to move one body part at a time while holding in your core and maintaining your breath. I plan to get a reformer when I can. Even my DH is into it.

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I've been doing yoga on and off for over 40 years.  I do not do "power" yoga.  Currently, I go to a "gentle" yoga at a local church.  It is great for stretching, balance, relaxation.  Love it!



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I practice Hatha and Power Yoga at a dedicated yoga studio with an excellent owner/ teacher.  That is her full time job and it shows.   👍

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My fitness club has a huge traditional yoga program w/

tons of classes but I j.u.s.t still don’t get it.  


I DO enjoy DDP Yoga, but there’s the discipline of home use

but I roll out the mat from time to time to ‘Hulk it out!’

(If you do DDP, you know what I mean!)