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I recently changed insurance plan and doctor so I had to start over with new doctors. I had a wellness exam.When the results were sent,they said all was normal.They recommended a wellness every 5 years after menopause then none after 65 if you have not had a abnormal result. I'm 62 so I will be 67 so no longer required. 

I googled it and that was the recommendation.However,it seems to vary from person to person,doctor to doctor.

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@Shelbelle   I have not had a GYN exam in at least 4 years.  I am 66 and she/doctor told me that a woman had to wait a minimum of 2 years after an irregular pap to stop the exams.  I have never had a irregular or suspicious pap so I stopped the exams the year she mentioned it!

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I was over 60 - just stopped - no symptoms - no hot flashes.  Nothing.


Doc said it was completely normal.  My grandmother, my mother, my sister  ... we were all the same.


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Because I am still employed and 65, my health insurance continues to pick up the tab for the PAP. When I retire, I will be able to take that insurance with me, at the group rate with the exact same coverage for me and hubs, as my secondary. They will continue to pay for it when Medicare denies it. If and when they don't I will pay for it out of pocket. While I have never had a positive pap, I still got all my parts, so I think there's still a risk. 

It scares me not to have one every year for a while. I was late to menopause at 59 and never had any symptoms other than an absent monthly. 


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Are you bragging or complaining? Sounds crazy to me.
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My breast cancer surgeon told me now at age 60 I should go every two years or so and that every year is not necessary anymore.   I still do a normal physical with bloodwork, dentist, eye doctor, breast surgeon (as she still orders my mamms) and the cardiologist.

I'm not looking for problems, I am trying to avoid them!

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Thank you all for your replys. My gyn says to come annually, even tho a Pap is done every 2 years, she says her exam covers other things, but I am really undecided on this. 

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I am now 64 but I had a complete hysterectomy over 20 years ago. I went every year for a check up but one day my doctor, a relatively new one, asked why I was getting a pap. She said you don't have anything to check. I haven't had another one since. I get my regular mammogram and regular checkup but no pap. Other doctors since have agreed. 

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After my hysterectomy, several years ago, that was it for me. Still have to keep up with the mammos and bone density but I'm off schedule since last year was screwed up.  Need to get back on track with that.  

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The only reason I go is to get the blood work done every few years...the rest is worthless.

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@SeaMaiden wrote:

The only reason I go is to get the blood work done every few years...the rest is worthless.

@SeaMaiden  I had a mammo for the first time in years a few years ago. That's it. My Dr. insists I need bloodwork and to see her every three months. PITA. I only do it as I am on 3 or 4 meds and she needs to see how they are doing. She can't get my blood pressure down after all these years.