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I was scheduled, wife went along. Had extra, so she was able to get hers first one also. Very smooth and well coordinated operation. Took longer because I had suffered Anaphylactic Shock during 1 of my many Iron Infusions.


Felt really bad for the many working the huge parking lot. Was snowing and a -20° Wind Chill. In and out in a little over an hour, most spent making sure I did not suffer Anaphylaxis.


No after effects in this 24 hour period and not expecting any happening. Shot #2 is March 5th.




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May it serve you well!


I had 3 weeks of Covid and no vaccine in sight.

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@hckynut  My Rheumatologists just sent me an email about that vaccine. They prefer it to the others for those of us (you) with autoimmune problems. Also of note, the vaccines will not be a total prevention from COVID. Please continue to wear your masks and maintain safe distancing. There is also no data on how long the vaccines will protect patients against COVID or if we will need booster shots in the future.


All of these questions will be (hopefully) answered by the scientists in the near future.   


Glad Omaha is providing the vaccines quickly and efficiently. I'm still on the waiting list, but with this weather I'm OK with that! Not going anywhere until it warms up a little. Smiley Wink

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@hckynut good to hear!  Stay healthy.  I had Mederna in January, dose #2 is in a week.  Brain fog the follwing day and a pretty good bruise where the shot went in but otherwise  nada!.  



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My DH and I were lucky enough to be able to get our first dose of the Moderna vaccine through our Town's vaccine portal.   They were so well organized I was truly impressed.  The entire process:  from signing in, to registering, to getting the vaccine, and waiting 15 minutes to be sure we didn't have any adverse reactions took well under half an hour.  We go for our second dose in early March.  

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@hckynut hope second shot goes well too.


I am hearing lots of stories of companions eligible for shots but not scheduled getting them.   Great improvement on letting part of a vial go to waste because someone scheduled didn’t show up.  


So far I haven’t succeeded in getting onto any list, but I figure the more who get vaccinated, the fewer spreaders are walking around. 

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Yay!  @hckynut   I am happy to hear that you are both on your way to being better protected Smiley Happy

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@BirkiLady wrote:

My Rheumatologists just sent me an email about that vaccine. They prefer it to the others for those of us (you) with autoimmune problems. 



@BirkiLady - I'm curious about this because I have RA and am dubious about getting any of the vaccines.  (Had a bad reaction to just an ordinary flu shot years ago.)


Does your rheumatologist still suggest you should get the vaccine, when available, if you don't mind me asking?

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great to see that  you and your wife were vaccinated. I also had the Pfizer on 2/5, second injection 2/24. No symptoms from the first shot except for a sore arm. Continue to stay safe

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I had both my Pfizer vaccines with no problem. I was fortunate to get them. I am a health care worker so I was in the first wave of those eligible to receive the vaccine.