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I only ever had one tetanus shot in my whole life after an accidental rope burn from a dirty clothes line in our back yard that became infected.


 I never get any immunizations and haven't since I was a child and they were required for school.


I have benn fortunate with the state of my health.  I try to avoid putting chemicals on or in my body. 

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I'm current as of two weeks ago. I was gardening, got bit by something and ended up with cellulitis. I couldn't remember when I had my last tetanus shot so I got one. Site of injection is still a little sore.
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@Scooby Doo wrote:

Nope.  I've never had one.  I have a needle phobia and it's difficult for me to get shots.

Scooby Doo,


I feel the need to share this with you.


My husband also has a fear of needles.  Sometimes he faints. Most of the time he refuses.  Yes, refuses. Right now he has severe and crippling bursitis near his left hip that has affected his gait and he complains , moans and is generally a pain in the neck 24/7 because he will not have an injection into the bursa sac, which woud quell the inflammation.


I have about had it with his moaning and groaning.  Oh, and I can just see a bad case of shingles around the corner for him as well because he won't get the herpes injection.


Please consider biting the bullet the get the injections you need.  Perhaps a friend could accompany you.  Hands to hold are wonderful.



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Since death from both tetanus and rabies is such a painful one (no treatment, no cure) I'd choose a needle ****** (or four of them, as in rabies) any day. 


I would be in a bad spot if I was afraid of needles, IVs, etc., as I have had hundreds of them.


[Guess I should have used "stick" instead of the word I used, LOL.  I've never seen the asterisks before, but I get why they were inserted.]

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I am - two yrs ago when I was at my annual pap appt my nurse practitioner asked me how long it was since I had one.  I told her probably not since I was a kid.  So she gave me one.  Glad I got it too.


I think those of use born in the 40s-50s-60s should have most of our shots renewed.  I'd have no problem getting another whooping cough vaccine.  I'm am going to get the shingles vaccine shot soon since at my August annual physical my PCP game me a prescription for that.


I was also at CVS today and they're giving out flu shots already!  EGAD!!  I will get mine but not quite yet.



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Those who are around infants will need to get their shots updated... as in "whooping cough" and I don't know what else.... 

Does anyone know how often (if ever) the Shingles vaccine has to be repeated?  THX

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I always though the shingles shot was a one time thing. My daughter was preg last year, she was the only one who was told to get her shot updated for whooping cough, no one else in the family, not even her hubby. 

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Our MD said for me to get the Whooping Cough booster... DPT last year (birth of 1st baby) and DH was told to get it for the 2nd baby (born in June).  In their area (PA) there has been an "outbreak" of Whooping cough... DD requested that we have it, too.

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My gyn really surprised me by asking when I'd last had a tetanus shot. He said he requested that information from all of his patients because he never wanted to see anyone die when many things are so easily prevented. He said he saw a woman die from lockjaw and it was a horrible death and absolutely senseless.

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@Shelbelle wrote:

I always though the shingles shot was a one time thing. My daughter was preg last year, she was the only one who was told to get her shot updated for whooping cough, no one else in the family, not even her hubby. 


I made sure that my parents got their shingles shots. When I spoke to their GP he told me that people usually get the shingles shot around 60-65 and that it's supposed to be a one time shot. 


That said I don't think the shingles shot has been around for all that long, so they really don't know how long it will last. 


They used to think that the measles vaccine lasted forever. 


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