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Re: Sometimes I feel like a puppet with broken strings!

On 2/20/2015 Lucky charm said:

I've been leery of taking the thyroid prescription meds since day one. But no other choice. Or is there??

There is so much 'out there' about whether calcium helps at a certain age or makes things worse. What form of calcium is more effective? Is strontium a better alternative? I've read that consuming dairy can actually leach the calcium out of your bones and also, I've read it's all about your intake when you were younger.

It's frightening sometimes because you don't know whether your doing good or truly harming yourself.

Also, I read where working out with weights and doing resistance training helps the onset or complications of bone loss. I do these exercises, but not faithfully, however I do walk an unbelievable amount daily.

Of my mother and two sisters, I'm the only one with a thyroid problem. We are all exact replicas (and should include my mother's sisters too). I always wondered what I did wrong.

I've been on Synthroid for almost 30 years. I don't know if I can stop now. My body is a mess from medications I have taken long term. Thank you Big Pharma and all the doctors you have brainwashed.

I guess I'll discuss this with my GP and see what she says. GPs don't know much though. But I'll see what she says about alternatives, although it's already too late for me.

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