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Would appreciate knowing what works for you.  At present, I'm taking Excedrin, but it isn't helping. 



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Sudafed 5Mg non drying and a saline rinse

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Hi, 1st make sure you don't have a sinus infection needing antibiotics.  Mucinex is great, along with other options mentioned.


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My knee replacement surgery had to be postponed because of a sinus infection. If you truly have an infection, you need an antibiotic. See your family doctor.

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I used to get bad sinus headaches...but never any congestion or stuffy nose symptoms, just the terrible sinus pain.  It runs in my dad, several siblings, my child and grandchild all deal with it.  The only thing that ever really helped me was prescription migraine medication.  I don't get them often anymore.  Definitely check with your doctor if you aren't getting relief with what you've tried so far.

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Advil Cold and Sinus is the OTC medication that works best for me (and I think I have tried them all).  In my state you have to get it from behind the counter at the pharmacy.

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I got migraines that I insisted to the doctor were sinus related. When sinuses are inflamed, doesn’t that make sense.

years later, doctors did agree with this.

Once menopause set in, my migraines have been relatively non-existent,

But when sinusitis persists, I use Garden of Life sinus... a probiotic-enzyme blend every day and after three months felt much better. 

Sinus irrigation (after having two surgeries) Neil-Med squeeze bottle/packets for rinse up to 8 packets/day.

Today my misery has been brought on by weather change and being around our toddler grandchildren. We were on outings and I wasn’t rinsing as often.

i take lots of supplements to keep immunity up. Also, I use mucinex D. HTH

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i got a sinus headache once and i took sinutab. it got rid of my headache quickly. 

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@narcisse wrote:

Would appreciate knowing what works for you.  At present, I'm taking Excedrin, but it isn't helping. 





To add to the other posts, a warm compress over your forehead and nose.

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If it's just pain in my sinus, I don't take cold or allergy stuff. 


For me, it's trial and error.

I start with Tylenol and then if nothing changes in 4 hours, I move to Advil.



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