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We had our shingles shots the first year of Covid.  Covid shots, shingles shots, flu shots.  I've always been told to really massage you arm after shots.  I do this off and on for several hours.  Never have a sore arm the next day.  

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Not doin' it. Cat Tongue

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I had both shingles shots with a little soreness in my arms then several months later I developed shingles. I had a rash around my neck and right shoulder but the worst was sharp stabbing intermittent pain in my head. I was totally shocked when I went to the doctor and he told me it was shingles !  I'm still glad I got the shots because the symptoms would have been worse.

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@Luvsmyfam  I had a reaction to the first shot - similar to yours - but not to the second shot. 

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@Luvsmyfam  I had the same symptoms as you plus body aches,low grade fever and chills. Was on the couch or in bed for five days. I always have a reaction when I get a vaccine, but that one brought me to my knees. The second shot it only lasted two days. I hope you feel better soon.

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I have not had the shot. I am allergic to so much and I have severe reactions to other shots.


My husband had the shot and he was down for the count both times. It threw him for a loop.

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You're going to get 50 people saying they had a sore arm and nothing else, and you'll be fine. But for others, the side effects are more severe. I hope you feel better. 

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I had a similar reaction to both shots.

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So shingles shot doesn't necessarily prevent shingles? Interesting that the shot if built up to be a preventive. People should be made aware that it doesn't always work. 


Probably better to get one, but just because one gets the shot doesn't mean they'll avoid shingles. 

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I got the shingles shot both of them but a while afterwards I got a terrible case of Hives which now I think was a result of having that shingles shot.  I also got vertigo last month so I am not recommending getting the shingles shot to anyone.