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I was one of those people that thought...I'm good I don't need this. Then my cousin had shingles around her eye. Yikes! So off to the pharmacy I go. I didn't have a reaction to the first one but the second one...phew. I just felt off for a day. I stayed in bed and red and next day I was fine! 

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I had a sore arm, tired and a headache. No amount of aspirin would help the headache. The only thing that worked was sleep. 

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When I went for my first one, they asked about flu also.  Being a daredevil, had one on each side.  Only the flu on hurt.  Go figure.

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Since childhood, I have actually passed out a few times after getting a shot.   


It's a real thing .... called the Vasovagal response.


As it turns out, I can get a shot in my butt cheek and don't have that response.  Also, I avoid the hot sore arm reaction.


Obviously, I only get my shots at the doctor's office.  Can't slide down the shorts at the pharmacy!  lol

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No side effects from any injection. However, I always rotate my arm well following the shot. It enables the fluid to travel into my system rather than sit in my muscles and knotten them up.


Next time, try rotating your arm a lot for at least five minutes. Vary the directions of the rotations. The more exercise you provide, the better. I've even gone home and worked on the yard (raking or digging up bulbs or planting new shrubs, etc.) I'm confident you'll see a big difference after using that muscle!


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One of mine I had a slight fever and just felt bad for the evening on top of the sore arm, but the other was just the sore arm.  Can't remember which was which though.  

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I get my first shot tomorrow.   Whatever happens, however I feel after the vaccine, I know getting shingles would be 1000 times worse.  I have no concerns.  

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I was tired for a few days after both shots.  This was with the Shingrix vaccine, the previous shingles vaccine I had no symptoms.

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Oh yes, same thing happened to me.

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DH and I had both shots 3-4 years ago and can't remember any side effects. Same with flu and pneumonia shots.