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I recently had a root canal on one of my canine teeth. There was an infection bubble above the tooth that I did not see. There was a huge infection in there and my dentist sent me to an endodontist.


I get my teeth cleaned four times a year, so it was a bit of a surprise that it was not detected sooner.


There was already a root canal on that tooth and he literally had to drill all of the old material out and replace it with medicine. He said the material they used to use sometimes fails because it does not fill in all of the little gaps.


I learned that the molars and the canine teeth have bigger roots because we are meat eaters. So, the endodontist needed to do the tricky replacement.


He took what sounded like a tiny bottle brush to clean out all of the old material. It took him an hour and a half where normal root canals take maybe thirty minutes!


I had to go back to have the canal filled and then to the dentist for a new crown. I need another root canal on a different tooth and will return to the same endo.


I have had root canals done by both the dentist and the endo and now prefer to use the endo. He has some high tech equipment to do the job and does it all day long.