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Do you let the general dentist do the procedure or do you insist/request referral to endodonist?

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I would go with a well recommended endodontist.

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My dentist did mine and I got along just fine.  She offered to refer me but I declined. 

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Usually if it is a tooth with more than one root, as some have 3, it is best to go to endodentist, their equipment is far superior, my regular dentist told me that. But keep in mind their price is much higher too, even with insurance. I had one done last year in a tooth that was crowned, and it had to be done thru the crown, my regular dentist would not touch it. He was amazed after when he saw the work of the endodentist.

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I agree with Justice4all...go to a recommended endodontist.  I don't fool around with certain things.  My teeth, eyes, etc.  They cannot be replaced.  Yes you will pay more, but in this case I feel it is so worth it!!

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I wish my general dentist would do it.  He refers me to someone else 80 miles away.  I remember when my dentist used to do everything.  He retired and now you have to see a specialist for everything.  I don't like it.  

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Re: Root Canal Question

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@granddi  I had most of mine done at an endodontist. One I had done at my regular dentist office. Some root canals are much more difficult and require special types of X-rays  and equipment that a regular doctor may not have.  I have about 5 root canals.  Two done this year. I am sure I will have more. I have many crowns.. and a crown eventually ends up a root canal..☹️👎

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My dentist recommended one and would do it, but I said I would rather go to someone who does that all day every day and I hope that didn't hurt his feelings.  He assurred me it didn't.


When I saw him next time he asked how it went and said he was so glad I spoke up because it always was something he didn't really like to do and after I said that he thought "Why am I doing these?"  He said he was so happy about it and was never going to do another one!  LOL!!!  You never know!


He said that sure they could do it quicker, had all the tools at hand and used them all day, etc.  

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My dentist has always done my root canals but he retired, so I don't know what I'd do now if I needed one. 

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I've always used the specialist.


But if your dentist has the electronic microscope available to do it, then he's probably more than qualified.   You want to be sure he/she can see every root/nerve and every part of the root/nerve and you can only do that with the microscope.