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Re: Question for Medicare People

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What is the purpose of this Welcome to Medicare exam.   Seriously???


The purpose of the Welcome to Medicare exam is to offer services that are preventative in nature that in the past Medicare did not necessarily cover exculsively. It is covered under Part B Medicare.  It might include a cognitive assessment, physical mobility assessment, immunization status, etc. to document upon entering the Medicare system what futher services you might or might not need. 


In the United States as long as you are legally competent,medical care or medical testing cannot be forced upon you by your family, a doctor, or a health insurance provider.  If you don't want an ECG, no problem.  Just decline.  Easy. 


The emphasis of the exam is to place a focus on primary and secondary levels of prevention and has been quite successful. 


I would have second thoughts about a doctor's office that states they don't like doing these exams because it takes time away from sick people.  I won't even go into the number of cases of prostate cancers that have been diagnosed because the primary md performed an exam since a male patient entering medicare had not had an exam before.  And the earlier anything is detected and diagnosed, the better the chance for a more positive outcome. 


Screening & early identification of health problems is just as important as taking care of sick people.  In fact, some view it as being more important since it doesn't involve waiting for people to get sick and cost tens of thousands of dollars to treat when it could have been identified earlier and successfully treated at a reduced expense to everyone.  



I understand  your reponse.  I agree that sometimes things can be prevented. BUT I also feel it is a money making racket, and for a way for our Government to know more of my business.  I am seen twice  a year and get labs done twice a year.   The EKG is a joke, cause they said they would do an ultra sound if anything showed.    I don't like GP's for heart issues.  If I had an abnormal EKG, I would go to a cardiologist immediatly.  Not a GP.  I feel good and am having no issues, so I am not doing this.  I don't believe the cost is reduced for everyone, because these tests are a money maker for them.   If I get sick , it is me that pays the bills.   Saving money for medicare is a joke.  The Goverment can spend our money ( money that should never have been touched.)   You are right about a Dr stating that he hates doing these exams.  I have a year and he is pushing to do it in June.   Sorry Doc---not interested.   I m not going looking for problems, when I feel good.  My husband passed a year agoin March.  Last year was a difficult year, so I need a break from Dr's.  I want to enjoy my Summer.


Thanks for your response!