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Re: Question about pre-colonoscopy diet




It is interesting for sure, not quite sure of different results with different Gastro Groups. I know many have trouble drinking the gallon of Go/NuLytely, but while I don't enjoy doing it, for me it is not as bad as it is for others.


I really don't stress over much of anything, but my wife and our furry kids might be the exception. Stress for myself and my issues, there is none. Sure, I think about them, but then move my mind on to other things.


I am glad having had your multiple Colonoscopy's, that your prep has made them easier for you. Thank you for your input.





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Re: Question about pre-colonoscopy diet



So glad I was wrong about having to drink 20 gal of nulytely! HAHA LOL


The “twilight sleep” is the BEST sleep I have ever gotten! 😎

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