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For those interested. Had both an Endoscopy and Colonoscopy yesterday. Colon regular followup because of bleeding history.


Endoscopy because of, primarily Barrett's Esophagus, a precursor to Esophageal Cancer. 


Both procedures went well, now I am waiting for the results of several biopsies taken from Esophagus and Colon. My Gastro Doctor said she would call me with those results as soon as she gets them.


Looking at the pictures taken of both, I am not concerned about the results.


hckynut  🇺🇸

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John    Great news!  I had what my gastroenterologist said would be my last routine colonoscopy 15 months ago.  I was fortunate he could tell me even before I stood up to get dressed that I was free.  Wishing you similar news. 

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Yay! Excellent news!


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Glad all went well with your procedures.  You sure are a tower of strength with all you've been through.  Will continue to 🙏 for you.  Heart

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@hckynutjohn   There's nothing like good news.  May it continue.  

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It is always uplifting to hear positive health news and I know you will come through with flying colors.  Our health is number one priority and I wish you the best, hckynutjohn!!!!!

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I have similar issues with my acid reflux.  I'll be going for a double procedure like you did in November.   I'm happy it all went well for you, here's hoping for great results Smiley Happy

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Good news, indeed!

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@hckynutjohn , glad to hear your tests went smoothly for you. Let us know the outcome, if you would.