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I'm in that "special" age bracket. Does anyone have any personal insights or reviews that this actually works?  TIA!

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Don't waste your money.



Studies done have shown that it's no more effective than a placebo.


The active ingredient is broken  down in the digestive tract, and doesn't enter the brain. 



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My 83 year old Mother swears it helps her. She's been taking it for about a year. Since the pandemic I've been getting all her groceries & pharmacy items. I was surprised to read the label & see it was mostly vitamin D. I called one of my pharmacist sons to get his opinion. He wasn't impressed with it. 


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@Anonymous032819 @Tribefan   Thank you so much for saving my money!  

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@BornToShop wrote:

@Anonymous032819 @Tribefan   Thank you so much for saving my money!  

ditto.  I was going to buy this for myself and my husband.  I take Vitamin D daily but it doesn't help with memory and this product's endorsement by people taking it for 5 years or more was impressive.  It's hard to discern the real story.

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The makers of Prevagen got in trouble for false advertising. There was a law suit and customers were reimbursed their money. Now the company says it's product only supports brain health, nothing more like memory improvement as it said before the law suit.