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I have the 5 cord reformer with the riser, rebounder, box, and pole. Four years ago I found it in a pawnshop, in perfect condition, and no price on it. I asked the price and they said they didn't even know what it was and told me to make them an I offered them 50.00 and they said okay Smiley Happy  I alternate using it and my total gym.  
With the rebounder if you use some moderate hand weights and coordinate arm movements with leg movements while rebounding you can get a good cardio workout.
P.S. my profile picture is me at 63......and I can still do that at 66.

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@Ciona  What a great deal you got. Years ago, I bought the

Reformer XP with four cords and the rebounder. I loved using it

and I felt great, still using it in my 60's. Then my arthritis got worse in my knees and I injured my shoulder, reaching for something in the supermarket. I stopped using my Reformer and it sat for years.


               Since that time, shoulder and knees have worsened and

I tore the meniscus and chipped a bone in my knee. I also have arthritis in my feet. I fugured that I would probably never use

the Pilates Reformer again. Last summer, I placed it outside along with the rebounder. In less than an hour, someone took it. I hope that she enjoys it as much as I did.