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@Mary Bailey wrote:

@ChynnaBlue   BB has a streaming service. It's Free for 30 days.  go to: FreeBeachBody  dot com.  it's the beta version. It's complete everything.   I catch an infomerical every few weeks.  I have so many BB DVDs that I didn't want to do it.


I cannot do all the downward dogs Chalene does.  I skip most of those.  I can only get through 10-12 minutes each time. I keep trying 2 or 3 times a week.  


I'm much better on Leslie's Miracle Miles.  I do them 5-7 days a week and can do the entire workout.



@Mary Bailey, thank you for letting me know about this! It streams via Roku (among others), which is PERFECT. 30 days is enough time to decide if I like it and want to continue.


I have some of the Leslie Sansone videos through A-Prime and I really like those.

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$48.00-that is a great deal!!

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Got to do my first PIYO workout yesterday.  It really passed by quickly.  I am going to do PIYO in addition to my regular workouts so many days I will get 2 workouts in.   I usually get up at 5am and do cardio, weights, intervals, etc. and I can do this during lunch at work. I did the first workout and it didn't seem like much but today I can feel it in my legs so it worked something.  I can't wait to do the others and I hope to see more muscle definition. 

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@pegsue  wow! it didn't seem like much?  I must really be wimpy!! LOL  I need to try again.

I've only been doing Leslie's Miracle Miles daily.