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My only nephew, just turned 57, has been diagnosed with an aggressive prostate cancer.  The bone scan and MRI shows it is still contained and has not spread.  He has seen several different doctors, all with different  prognosis, but generally agree that he should have surgery.  Possibly some radiation beforehand.  One surgeon said he has to lose 30 pounds before the surgery.  My nephew is far from obese, works out several times a week, hunts and fishes and is general good health.  We are all floored by this surgeon's request and my nephew will see another surgeon.


My nephew has accepted that he needs surgery and knows what the negatives will be afterwards.  However, my niece-his cousin- an excellent trauma nurse, is persuading him to just get the beads implanted.  His sister and his extended family, want him to be aggressive in his treatment.  So do I.   I know that if I'm ever diagnosed I'll do whatever I can to stay alive and not worry about side effects.


Are there any here who have had a person in their life facing this issue?  What course did they choose?   I didn't know that prostate cancer was the 2nd leading cause of death in men. 

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@bootsanne , so sorry to hear the diagnosis in your nephew, and he is so young!


I cannot offer any advice, but I am not sure I would want to advise someone on what treatment to take or not to take....I would not want that on my shoulders.  He should probably get another opnion, possibly a 3rd....from a surgeon as you said he was going to do....and try to make an informed decision with out outside family in put.


Best of luck to your nephew.

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Radioactive seed implants are one form of treatment, but he needs to discuss all options with an oncologist. 

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He needs to find a doctor he trusts and take his/her advice only.

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DH (64)  had the seeds implanted a month ago. His Gleeson score was 6.  It has not spread. It's in 2/3 of his prostate.


The CT scan was yesterday, all seeds still in place (non-have migrated). He had 72 seeds implanted with 18 insertions. He has his 1st PSA test in 3 months. Hopefully his PSA will be very low. 


The seeds remain in the body forever.  It's strongest the first 4 months then dissapates 50%, then dissapates by 25%, then another by 25%. 


His Dr said he could remain a 6 for years, wait and see.   I said wait for it for it to get bigger? then try to fight bigger cancer?  DH did his research.  The center he went to has great sucess rate.  He didn't want prostate removed or chemo, or radiation. (those would be plan b  etc)


My prayers for your nephew.  It's hard to know what is the correct treatment. 

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DH has two small tumors in his prostate. He has been monitoring it for the past 5 years. His urologist said he will die of something else before it would. So far so good at age 80. 

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Sorry to hear about your nephew.


If he opts for surgery it should be a radical retropubic prostatectomy with bikateral lymph node dissection.  Some surgeons only remove the prostate.  In many cases the PSA begins to climb again because the cancer is in the lymph nodes.  That can lead to another surgery (RPLND) if the patient is able.


Radioactive seeds implanted into the prostate is another option.  However, he should know that once those seeds are implanted, he will not be able to have his prostate removed.


I can't speak to the weight issue.  However, there are strategies used that will greatly help in regaining bladder control post op.


I wish him the very best.

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I am your nephew and your family are going through this.  My DH was much older than your nephew,he was 71.  His prostate cancer was found a few days after his rectal cancer was.  His was 2 separate cancers,different types. One did not cause the other. 


For his prostate cancer they did radition treatments on that after treatments for his rectal cancer,plus he got 2 hormone shots a few months apart. His PSA went down to basically 0. So far his PSA is still down.  They said if it starts to go up again he has to start the shots again.  Those shots were the worst, hot flashes, weight gain, tired. DH said he feels bad for women going thru menopause.  same symptoms.


He was carrying some extra weight but his onocologist didn't want him losing weight   during his radiation treatments plus he chemo via pills.  No idea why because he was going to have surgery for the other cancer. I would have thought they wanted  weight lose for the surgery, but no.


Each case is different and is approached differently. Talk to his onocologist and I assume he has a ureologist.  If you feel a second opinion don't hesitate to ask for one.


Wishing you all the best during this ordeal.

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O.K. .. my husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer 10 years

ago .. personal prefernce he wanted it out .. same with him .. bone

scan and MRI were clear ....


the only thing we heard about the seed that if you need surgery

later the tissue is usually hard to do surgery on because of

the radiation ....

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@bootsanne --Please use a bigger font.


Several men I know, some very good friends, were diagnosed with prostate cancer. Their decisions on what route to take varied with the degree of the cancer.


2 of them went the surgical  route, plus Radiation. Others had Chemo and Radiation. All of them survived, but with different outcomes. Their daily lives changed in several respects which took a lot of life changes for all of them.


Prostate cancer is also a preventable form of cancer for most men. The ones I know well that had this cancer, refused to have a digital exam and/or a PSA exam. When they started to have issues is when they finally went to their doctors.


There are several cancers that can be prevented, or at least minimized,  by having regular available preventive exams. It's a shame so many, especially the Male gender, do not take this more seriously,  UNTIL!