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Re: One year now eating one meal every 48 hours

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I am sure there are plenty of us here that would kill to be a size 8/10, myself included!!!

@Shelbelle  I can relate!


 When I was in my 20's....I let myself get obese...I was wearing a size 18/. 20 pant....I hated my body! I was young, partying, drinking.... smoking  eating bad....etc....not taking care of myself...young and going to live forever!


Once I got out of being on that train wreak course....I  grew up and got my life on thirties and forties were learning about nutrition and getting healthy.   So I guess I can relate to those who are the unhealthy road and those on the road to health. If you get off course you pay the consequences.  But, you can always get back on track!




Oh in my twenties...I got through nursing school on White Castles, cheap wine and cigarettes. Yet I stayed petite. Boy what a change at age seventy. I recently gained back the eight pounds I lost. Just cannot stay away from high fat high calorie sweets. It's kind of depressing 

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