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O/T A bit, but a nice sentiment...

My husband's youngest daughter, Sadie is 8. Her best friend has been Amber, a girl in her class with a mild degree of Down's Syndrome. Amber's worst limitation has always been her heart issues. Several open heart procedures with the last on Tuesday. Amber apparently had a stoke during bthe night and today her parents decided to have her removed from life support. Little Amber was a trooper, but she had been through enough.

Two years ago, Sadie and her young friends incorporated ast the "Girls Club of Rogers Park". No web page, no face book page, no tweets or twitters. Just eleven little girls getting together every Saturday morning to discuss life. Just eleven little girls celebrating life.

So today when Amber's mom called, Sadie stated simply, "now there is an angel in our girl's club. Why would we need Facebook???" Cool. Thanks Amber, for evrything.