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Re: Not happy about Spring Break.

Would you answer my question.

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Re: Not happy about Spring Break.

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If you asked me, I think spring break might not be as hearty this year....just a hunch.

I disagree.  Spring breaks have already started. My flights to Florida over the weekend were crammed full with college student aged young people and families headed south. The Atlanta airport was the busiest I’ve seen it on a weekend in a long time. I’m currently on a barrier island in the Sarasota area and it’s busy, busy, busy with lodgings full and restaurant lines long. Those who were planning to travel for break are still doing it. Quite frankly, the only place I’m seeing the “I’m stocking up, staying home and living in fear” response is here on the Q boards. 

In my area we have an outbreak and I am noticing smaller crowds in shopping places except Costco where everyone has gone to stock up.

Ok, but are you in an area that’s a spring break destination? 

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