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I like L'Occitane and Perlier but , in the winter months, even here in Southern California, my hands will crack and be very dry. So, at night, I always put some Vaseline on my hands and wear my cotton gloves to bed, every night. My hands stay nice and smooth all winter. Before I started doing this, my hands would get so awful in the colder months. Cracked around the fingertips and it would really hurt. Never happens now that I've started wearing the Vaseline and gloves each night.

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another vote for L'Occitane.... have used it for years and bought it as gifts for all my friends that are nurses....they have the driest hands from washing them so often and they all LOVE it...

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I buy Perlier Shea Butter hand cream, 25% Shea butter or even the 50% cream. Whatever I have in the house from Perlier. It goes on greasy then it goes into the skin and really moisturizers.
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I just tried something new & for me it's the best cream I've ever used. Udderly Smooth soaks right in & doesn't need to be reapplied very often