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Well, it’s that time for me. I’m starting to have night sweats on a regular basis. Waking up drenched and not sleeping well. I have an appointment with my GYN next month but I’d also like to hear from ladies who have gone through menopause and find out if you took hormones or not and what worked for you and didn’t. Thanks in advance!
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I've been through it naturally, no hormones.  I did have some abnormal bleeding, had a few tests and procedures.  Ultimately ended up having a complete hysterectomy. 

You might like to do some reading on supplementing with Rosehips Seed Oil for help in managing your symptoms.

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I took Femhrt for a few years My periods stopped the first month never to return again. So I didn't have to go through wondering if I was going to have another one, so that was wonderful. No hot flashes either. I was on them probably 5-6 years. I didn't stop cold turkey. I gradually decreased my dosage over a few months and I've been great ever since.

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I got married at 40 and had my only child as I turned 45.  Within 6 months I was in full blown menipause.  At first I took hormones but within a year there was a lot of publicity against taking them; I took myself off them and then let my gynecologist know.  I never had really bad symptoms ( and what I had quickly went away).

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About 5 years ago, my dr. asked me about if I was having symptoms. I wasn't and didn't notice anything new. Because I was of the age when most women start menopause, he asked how I felt about hot flashes. I said I wasn't interested and I've been on hormone replacement since then. I haven't looked back.

(Side note-I actually had a few hot flashes when I was pregnant, so I knew what they were like.)

Good luck with whatever you choose. It has to be right for you.

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I went thru menopause years ago, I was in my late 40's.  I had very few hot flashes, but did have what I called my summer of discontent...I was moody and crabby, but it did not last long.  I could not take hormones (my mom had breast cancer) but really had few symptoms so I was quite lucky.  I hope this is an easy process for you.

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I entered menopause ~3 years ago.  The two worst things that I experience are hot flashes, although they seem to have subsided over the last 6 months or so, and not being able to fall asleep at night, which I solved by taking Good Day Sleep supplement.  They are chocolate!  I fall asleep when my head hits the pillow & wake up refreshed & well rested!  The night sweats haven't been an issue for me.  I do get hot at night but that's really because my husband can't take the AC as cold as I prefer, so I bump it up so that he doesn't get too cold.




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I started menopause when I was in my early forties. My friend told me about a tofu shake that she was drinking and it really helped me. Take a regular size container of tofu and quarter it. Drop a quarter of it into the blender with 8oz. of your favorite juice and blend. Take the other three quarters of the tofu and put it in a container and cover with water. Repeat the next day. I liked it with orange juice or cran apple or cran raspberry juice. The oj one reminded me of an Orange Julius. You only need to do one a day. If I remember correctly it took about four or five days til I noticed a difference. I ran it by my doctor and she said a lot of her patients did that. She also said it would only work for so long. It worked for me for a year. After that I went on HRT for a year. I highly recommend the tofu shake, it's a good place to start. Good Luck.

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The bottom line is: you’ll survive. 

Buckle up and Enjoy the menopause ride.



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I had a very difficult time going through menopause with drenching night sweats, extreme irritability, hot flashes, etc.  My doctor prescribed the lowest dose hormone replacement which I took for over a year.  I knew when I began to feel normal again, so I was weaned off.  Every woman is different, and needs to make the best decision for themselves with their doctor.