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Re: Joint Pain and Inflammation

I take a lot of supplements - AL Omega, AL Marine collagen, AL Glucosamine/ Chrondrotin, and Consult Health Joint Solution.  With the addition of each one I have noticed improvement.  I used to take Noni Juice daily and it helped with my finger stiffness and pain for years.  I now have very little pain in my fingers.  The biggest thing I found was eliminating white potatoes.  A neurologist I went to year ago told me this.   

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Re: Joint Pain and Inflammation

First, don't believe what anyone tells you.  There are many good books on the subject, you should purchase one.  It will explain inflammation and anti inflammation diets.  You can also consult with a nutritionist at your local hospital.  Or you can go with fruits, veggies, lean proteins and whole grains.  Eliminate as much sugar from your diet as possible.  I did that to lose weight but served it two purposes.  It was also an anti inflammatory diet.  You can reduce inflammation by diet alone, you don't have buy any supplements and herbs and whatever.  In reading your post, I have to say it's not just a matter what to eat to reduce inflammation.  You also have to eliminate the foods that cause inflammation.  

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Re: Joint Pain and Inflammation

@SilleeMee wrote:


Besides loving it so much, yogurt is one of the foods my doc recommends for me to eat because I suffer from severe herpes outbreaks. Yogurt is high in lysine which combats the virus. I eat it and I also take lysine supps. Now I have an excuse to keep eating yogurt!Woman Very Happy

Really I never knew that! I love eating Greek Yogurt almost everyday...and I have taken lysine supplements to help stop another EBV reactivation.  Had it when I was 16 ish and then reactivated about 1 1/2yrs ago....and I know this makes me so ill and fatigue so bad.


I also have osteo arthritis through out my neck/spine...I will look into this diet for reducing inflammation.  I have briefly read on it before but there is SO MUCH out there on what to eat...what NOT to eat and on and on it goes LOL!


Watched PBS some on Sunday and that's all they had on most of the day...and they all had a different diet to follow for health!  Kinda thought Dr. Amen (think that's how it's spelled) had a decent sounding diet for healthy brains and sleep.  I need that too...from what I understand inflammation bothers or upsets the apple cart on many things.



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Re: Joint Pain and Inflammation

Thank you so much everyone.  I really am going to look into anti inflammation foods.  It sounds hopeful!


With other issues certain foods I cant eat that are good for anti inflammation. It wont be easy but I think it could be worth it to research and make a plan!!

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Re: Joint Pain and Inflammation

I know this isn't exactly relevant to your post, but tart cherries really do relieve the inflammation from gout....DH swears by tart cherry capsules or eating fresh ones; has tried the juice but couldn't handle the taste...the pain and stiffness in his ankles has also improved
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Re: Joint Pain and Inflammation

Try not eating anyting with wheat or gluten for three weeks. Then have some, see if you experienced any relief.