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I called my Urologist recently and was told he wasn't accepting new patients. I explained that he was my Urologist for many years.  I was told that I hadn't been in to the practice for 3 years that I was no longer considered an active patient.  I wasn't aware that I had to see the doctor even if I didn't have a problem.  Nobody sent any informaation regarding this new policy.  

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We are becoming   D I S P O S A B L E

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I had that happen, only not with a specialist.  For years I went to a doctor when I needed to, then one day I was no longer in their files because it had been longer than three years since my last visit.  No problem getting seen, but I had to go through all the hoops of a new patient again.


In my case I think that the practice had gotten much bigger by the time of that particular visit.



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@Desertdi wrote:

We are becoming   D I S P O S A B L E

I have noticed the age 75 has become a benchmark for some treatment and testing options. Over 75? No need for this treatment or that test.

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I had the same thing happen with a dermatologist.  These doctors are all so busy -- have more patients than they know what to do with -- and can make any arbitrary rules they feel like.  I had the same reaction you did.  I thought you were supposed to call a specialist when there was something wrong and if there was no problem for a year or two -- you would still be their patient.  Apparently you and I were both wrong!!

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That must have been upsetting to you.  

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@evergreen  Go to the office "in person" and discuss w/the office manager.  Also, mention no one notified you by phone, snail mail, email and/or text about the "new policy."

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My OB.GYN puts you back in new patient status if not there in more than 3 years. 

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Re: I Don't Get It

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Maybe this is a sign for you to look for another urologist.  

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I had that happen to me and sent an email directly to the doctor to find out why.  If you have not seen a doctor for 3 years, you are no longer considered a patient.  This was put into place to insure practices had "room" to make appointments with new folks trying to get care as there is a cap to how many patients can be seen in a practice.  She did add that she would be pleased to see me and informed her scheduler that it was ok to make an appointment for me (my hisband is an "active" patient there for many years.)