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This is information many people need badly.





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@Kachina624 wrote:

This is information many people need badly.





@Kachina624   Thank you - This bears repeating!

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Testing for the virus, the technology and science behind it, lacks accuracy, precision and reliability. It needs improvement and how I see things it's the testing which has gotten us this deep in #$%&. Gives people a false sense of security. 

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This is wonderful!

Plain and simple so people can’t say “I had no idea.”

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Not contradicting this example, I have often wondered how would one know if they have become positive, unless there was an intentional exposure.


Also, with people waiting to be tested until they are symptomatic, there's a lot of time to spread the disease unknowingly.


It seems like an imperfect science to me.

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I understand the timeline but if you work for yourself like I do or employee like my DH, negative test on whatever day means you go back to work.


Doesn't mean I have no idea just that I  tested negative.


What more should Bob have done?

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Excellent information.  This emphasizes how different this virus is from so many other illnesses.  It is fickle and unpredictable.  That is why I wear a mask when out, and I mostly stay home.  Do I want to be out and about?  Would I have loved to be with family and friends at .Christmas?. Absolutely!   With vaccines coming our way, I feel like this is like the last mile of the marathon, or the last five pounds to lose on a diet. Yes, the hardest!m But, meaning that we’ve come this far.  Light is at the end of the tunnel.  We can do this!!

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Thanks for the good graphic.  This is such a nasty thing.  It is truly enough to make me crazy.

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This is a good visual.


Much of the time, Bob has no idea he has been exposed and feels fine so he doesn’t think to get a test at all until/unless he starts having symptoms. If he doesn’t get symptoms he just keeps spreading it and those people spread it...

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And this is just the information that should have rolled down to all those advising when to get tested,repeating on the news, how to etc. How many could have been saved with following this!


Anyway, thank you @Kachina624 .

I'm going to send this to my family.

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