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Hello, dear Lilac Tree!!


It's good to hear from you again.  I'm sorry to hear that the past 6 months have been such a bummer.  I hope this year will bring more energy and less pain for you, my friend.





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@LilacTree  So sorry that you've been having some more difficulties, but what a great lady to make such an effort to reach out and say "Hi" etc., to us all.  I'll be sending prayers along to help in your health.  Sending you gentle hugs too.  Blessings to you and your daughters daily.  Keep it up, and as you can, it will be good to hear from you when you are able.  Heart

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@LilacTree   So happy that you could check in, so many of us think of and worry about you often.   I am sorry that you are not doing well and pray for better days ahead.  My very best to you and your "girls".   Heart