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Oh my gosh ladies, I can take something out of each one of your postings while I'm sitting here crying and reading.

Sign me up for the comfort food right now, you are so right, it may feel good while eating it but it doesn't make the pain go away.

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nantucket, I am so sorry to read about the loss of your mom. Be easy on yourself as you go through the grieving process. My dad passed away suddenly in August, and I have eaten my way through the sorrow. Sometimes we do what we can to cope. You are a strong lady, and I believe you will come out of this on the other side with your weight loss that you have been working on in tact. Again, I am sorry about the loss of your mom.
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I lost my dear Mom to Alzheimer's a little over a year ago, and the pain was deep and real. Grieving is hard, slow work, and you'll need to give yourself space and time to do it. Be as kind to yourself as you can. Music, prayer, bubble baths, tears -- there are some wonderful suggestions given in some of the posts above for ways to help yourself to healing. I'd like to add what I think is one of the most important: Don't let yourself get isolated. You may not feel like mingling, and of course you won't be up for big parties or noisy social events. But go to church, have lunch with family or friends, go to your gym and talk with fellow exercisers, take a walk in a park or other place where you'll see people. If you need to, join a grief group. Don't rush the process, but do challenge yourself to do at least some things every week with other people. Don't make the "food thing" your first priority, and certainly don't punish yourself for not eating healthily during such a stressful time. Make small positive changes as you feel motivated. I believe you'll feel more like getting back to good eating as you progress through the healing process.

Blessings to you, and prayers for peace and healing.

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Sorry to hear about your Mom, it must be so hard to go through each day. Don't beat yourself up about food habits right now, it will sort itself out in due time.

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I am very overweight. I have over 100 pounds to loose and my eating to cope was and is the problem. I grew up in a home of abuse and food was my only outlet for I had no friends or family to go to. I sympathize. Since its due to the loss of your mom I suspect it will pass in time. If you have family you are close to i would spend more time with them.

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I am so sorry I lost my mom about 3 months ago, there are some easy days and some hards days, it will be 3 months next week, but her 91st birthday would of been on the 21st.

I am dealing with similar food issues, add to that on going dental implant surgery and working at home.

I can understand what you are going thru, I have no words of wisdom but will offer you a shoulder to cry on Smiley Happy

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I'm so very sorry for your loss. There isn't a another soul on earth like our mothers. Don't be too hard on yourself. You have been through a major loss and there is going to be a transition time while you adjust to the change. You are obviously a very strong person and the fact that you don't want to go to the gym seems completely normal to me. Maybe just try to take a stroll if you feel like it. Sometimes, just a bit of fresh air can help a lot when you are craving food when you aren't physically hungry. And try to keep your food choices more healthful because keeping yourself healthy will help you cope as well. Take it day by day. I'm saying a prayer for you!

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nantucket shore--I am so sorry for the loss of your mother. Please know that all of your feelings during the grief process are okay: they sure don't feel okay, but they are okay and being able to feel the REAL feelings are needed in order to process what you are going through. Try to be patient with yourself and give yourself permission to grieve. We all grieve both similarly and differently--yet there is no wrong or right way. Let people support you in the process, as you are doing on these boards! I believe grief and loss are the most difficult experiences in this life and we all need one another. I will be thinking of you, and all of the rest of the posters who have lost loved ones. Wishing you peace and strength--