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I have used this the last two days as my allergies are acting up. I have been so tired all day, today, feel like I have taken a sleeping pill. 

Tiredness is not listed as a side effect on the flonase website, I was just wondering if any of you use it, does it make you feel extremely tired?

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I have used Flonase since Jan 2020 without the side effect you describe

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Just the allergies themselves make me tired, and irritable, @happycat.  I haven't noticed that Flonase makes me more tired.



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I've used Flonase with my other prescription allergy meds.  All Flonase does is keep the inflamation in the sinuses down which equals less mucus.


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i used Flonase for about two years and it reallt helped my allergies. I stopped when my opthalmologist told me it causes cataracts...which I now have in my left eye. When he was checking my eyes, he ased me if I used Flonase. I switched to Dr Neils instead.

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@lovesrecess -

Oh that's just great! cataracts!

The things they don't tell you and they prescribe it all the time!

It makes me mad.

I only took it for a little while.

I amgetting to the point where I don't trust anything!

Thank you for this information and I'm sorry this happened.

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Thank you all for your replies. @lovesrecess, that is scary, thank you for letting us know. I'm sorry that happened to you. Cataracts were not listed as side effects either, of course. 

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I've been using Flonase prescription for 8 years with no issues what so ever.  I have never been told it can cause caterac eye issues.  Just seen the eye doc an no issues.  Consistantcy is what makes this med work to it's optimal results.  I prefer this med as it doesn't directly go into the blood stream and does not mix with any of my meds.  I have big time allergies year round.  The only issues it may cause is a little nose bleed but not always the case.  I would be questioning the eye doc...I would need to see proof jmo

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If you have allergies themselves will make you tired.

There are also many other things that can cause fatigue --the events that are going on around you and things that you eat.

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Just my body fighting off spring allergies makes me tired. I only take Flonase-like meds in the spring or pack when I travel to new regions. Found a Costco brand that works just as well -- costs less and gave me a pack of 6 for what a pack of 2 Flonase costs. 

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