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I've had my Fitbit One for almost 2 years now, and can't say enough good things about it. Mine is a clip-on, so has nothing to do with arm movement, like the wrist worn devices.

It keeps me moving, and that's what counts! I racked up 3000 miles during my first year of using it, and am hoping to reach that same number by the end of December of this year.

I've never had any technical problems with it, but have worn out 2 clips, which the company replaced, quickly and at no cost to me. For those of you who've had should have gotten in touch with the company. They have great CS!

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Love my Flex. Customer service second to none. I bought it at Costco, had a battery problem and Fitbit sent me a whole new device.

It is accurate enough for me and really helps me. It syncs with Myfitnesspal dot com and what I eat is recorded by calorie intake.

Loving it... keeps me honest and I have lost 20 pounds that seemed impossible before I bought mine.

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I have the fitbit flex and it works like a champ. Seems very accurate and I love it. Keeps me motivated for sure!

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I've had my fitbit flex for a year and I absolutely LOVE it! I've lost 35 pounds over the year by walking more. I'm not sure about the accuracy - I find that certain people get very concerned that every step is "valid" but for me the fitbit is another tool to help me stay on track, just like all my other tools that I use to help me bet healthier. I do love that it tracks my sleep, and I can tell when I'm not sleeping enough.