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Re: Excluded from testing the J & J vaccine

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While I find the J & J vaccine more to our liking, there is one huge big deal that could be devasting down the road for all who take it.  Moderna and Pfizer are working on booster shots for the variant that's causing them concern and if you have taken the J & J vaccine scientists do not know if you can take another brand's booster since that has never been studied,  


So, this becomes problematic since there is at least one variant that no vaccine will cover at the present time.


I wonder too about blood type and if that was taken into consideration.


People who have 0 and 0 negative are the least likely to contract covid-19 so it would makes sense, would it not, to inoculate all other blood types first? 


My husband and I both are blood type 0 and have been to a lot of questionable places since last March yet never got sick.  Both however never went to a restaurant or movies.




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Re: Excluded from testing the J & J vaccine

@software wrote:

Your  point?


Results must be narrow & controlled, can't have a successful trial using people with diagnoses that could skew thee results.



Another way to say that is that the study was skewed in such a way as to give the successful results they were looking for. Most studies are formulated that way.