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Has anyone felt sadness and depression for seemingly no reason?


I have had bouts of depression on and off for about 10 years.  That had to do with specific reasons.


Lately I have had feelings of depression and cry on and off thru the day for no reason that I can think of.  Does anyone have any suggestions that might help?


I have medication that I take 1/2 a pill but dont like to feel loopy or drugged or like a zombie so I only take the half.



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You need to take the medicine as directed.  If the pill is not scored then you cant cut it in half.  The "loopy" side effects will disappear after taking the medication for a period of time.  Until you follow the correct dose you should not complain.  I dont mean that to be ugly but you need to give it a chance.  Antidepressants take anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks to take affect.  Good luck I understand your feelings I struggle with depression and have for years.

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@FlowerBear  Are you going through the changes? Becoming emotional & crying could be a symptom of hormonal shifts.If so you should see your OBGYN.

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@FlowerBear - My reply was deleted as being "unkind."  I want to apologize if you found it to be so.  My only intent was to recommend that you discuss your depression with your doctor.  Depression is very serious and should be taken as such.  


My other suggestions, although they may sound frivolous, are these - If you can - 


Get outside and do some walking.  Enjoy the day and the beauty around you.  Mild exercise raises your endorphins and your mood.


Consider getting a pet to take care of.


Hope you can find resolution.

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To answer your question, yes I have. After a few years of on and off, I saw a Psychiatrist, which helped temporarily. I then had myself admitted to the Mental Ward of our hospital. Diagnosed with Clinical Depression and Panic/Anxiety Disorder.


My suggestion is to seek the help of a Professional in this field. These things seldom get better on their own.









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Sometimes minor bouts of depression can be as simple as a hormore imbalance or even dehydration!


But whatever you do, do it on the advice of a professional.    Most medication for depression takes several weeks to really "kick in".    Be patient with yourself.


If a full dose of your meds make you loopy, talk to your doctor.



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My DD suffers from chronic depression and severe anxiety and is on several meds.


She had to try several different meds to find the the right one/ones that worked for her.


But as mentioned by @Imaoldhippie, these type of meds have to build up in your system before they level you out and they should be taken as directed.


If you find that taking them as prescribed for a couple of weeks still doesn't work for you, talk to your Dr. and they will probably try a different drug.


It IS a process to find what works for each individual patient!


I wish you the best and hope you find the right drug to help you!Heart

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I am wondering if your may have SAD--the seasonal depression that comes from gloomy, grey weather where the sun doesn't shine much for the fall/winter times. That's what I get---I live near Seattle and it is ALWAYS grey and gloomy here for much of the year. I have a "happy" light that I sit at everyday. It's at my computer. Seems to help alot altho not a fast fix--my mom had depression for years that she never took care, of so I am pre disposed to it too. I don't take any meds for it. Maybe you need to change your meds. I would go see my dr. 

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Talk to your doctor ASAP. 


There are DOZENS of medications for depression and if the one you are on isn't working, talk to your doctor about trying another. Some come with bad side effects - sweating, a bad taste in your mouth, lethargy, all kinds of things. But once you find one that works, it can change everything. Unfortunately, trying to find the right one can be depressing in and of itself. But once you find one that works, it can change everything.  You should see the doctor and keep trying until you find what works for you.


It's just like any other disease and you should treat it like that. I would hope that if you had a bacterial infection and the doctor gave you an antibiotic that made you vomit or gave you a rash, you would call and get a prescription for another antibiotic instead of just talking half of the one that didn't work for you or not taking anything at all. This is no different.


And if you're going to a primary care physician instead of a psychiatrist, consider asking for a referral to a talk therapist, as well. Having someone to talk to about things that are bothering you while you look for the right medication can be very helpful.


I have a lot of friends and family who have struggled with depression and/or anxiety and it strips them of so much. It doesn't need to be that way if you can find the right medication and get the right support.


Good luck!