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Hey FlowerBear, antidepressant med shouldn't make you feel loopy.  Maybe you are taking a nerve pill.  Talk to your regular physician about these feelings of depression.  A lot of things can bring on these blue feelings and they don't go away until they want to.  Don't live in sadnesss, talk to the doc.  Put a smile on that face and maybe put a comedy on the TV.  Feel better sweetie   Smiley Happy  

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I think the first thing you should do is talk to your primary care doctor about getting a thyroid panel and d and b-vitamin levels checked (if you haven't had those blood tests in the past year).  Talk to him/her about any other blood tests they would advise to rule out a straightforward cause.  Also ask if any of the medications you are on can cause depression.


As another poster mentioned, there could be hormonal issues.  Talk to your doctor about whether or not a referral to an endocrinologist would be appropriate.


If you already have a psychiatrist who prescribed the medication you currently take, that person should be able to advise you, if other causes are ruled out.  If you don't have one, you can get a referral from your primary care doc or check with your insurance company to see who is covered.


I'm not sure what type of medication you are on now, but as others have mentioned, some meds are not meant to be cut in half.  If you are cutting an extended-release medication in half, that could explain why it is affecting you so much, as doing that gives you a rush of medication at once instead of the intended delivery.


If the medication you are taking is a benzodiazepine (like Xanax, Klonopin or Ativan), cutting it in half is probably fine (ask the prescribing physician).  But benzodiazepines are more for anxiety than they are for depression.  So a benzodiazepine may not help with the crying (and will make you feel loopy).


If you wind up going on an antidepressant, keep it in mind that you will probably feel tired and perhaps like a zombie for the first week or two.  If you are sensitive to medications in general, ask to be put on the lowest dose available to start.  


However, I would strongly suggest that you rule out a thyroid problem or vitamin deficiency first.  This seems like it should be an obvious first step for doctors, but I can count on one finger the number of psychiatrists I've had who bothered to order these basic blood tests.


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For me, and for others I have known as weii, walking outside for at least thirty minutes every day helps a lot.  This is rain or shine. If you can, walk during the sunniest time of day on the sunny side of the street, etc.  The more energetic you can be during your time outdoors the better.  For example, walk as fast as you can for a brief period, then slow, then fast again.  When I started I would just walk for fifty steps, then really fast for twenty and so on.  And do not wear sunscreen for at least ten minutes of your time outside.  Your body needs the natural vitamin D you get from the sunlight.  Sunscreen not only blocks the burning rays but also the vitamin D.


This has worked for me and my friends.  I hope you will try it, and that it works for you as well.

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@Imaoldhippie ...  You are exactly right ...  It takes time for the medicine to kick in.  I too have been on it for years ...  My Doctor found the correct balance of medicine for me and I am a happy ...  Do not feel loopy ...  I also participate in the thinking of what thoughts you think are important.  You need to have some positive thoughts to fight off those that depress you.  It is a battle to watch out what thoughts I am feeding myself ...  It's my choice.  MayI add that depression can sometimes be caused by a chemical imbalance ...  I see the medicine as nothing more than the drug that corrects the imbalance for me ...  Some people need insulin for their imbalance and there is no shame ... I have none either ...  I'm not perfect, but I enjoy life ...   Good luck and take your medicine !!  

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Good advice @hckynut !!  I too went to a psychologist who help me tremendously.  You always have good advice !!  You have to do whatever you have to to "FIX" yourself.  If you hurt your knee you go to a orthopedist ...  If you are not happy right now a talking Doctor is helpful !!

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What makes you think taking half the dosage will help?  Take the dosage as prescribed or go back to the doctor who prescribed and be honest.  Since you won't take the medication, talk about alternate therapies.  Like group therapay or talk therapy with a clinician.

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Depression is something you do not just snap out of. If you have prescribed medication for it then you must take it. If you are told to take 1 pill a day then that is what you must do. Taking only half a pill is not allowing the pill to do it's job and neither you nor the doctor who prescribed the medication will know if it is the right medication for you.


You are not helping yourself by cheating on the dosage. You are lying to yourself. You have convinced yourself about loopy. Your body and mind need time to adjust to the medication and some medications may, at first, make you feel different but then in time the effect of the medication will be felt.


Do not fool yourself, you are not helping your depression but only adding to it. Many individuals suffer from depression so you are not alone and those that recognize it and do receive and follow treatment are better dealing with the issue and life.


Good luck.

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@FlowerBear: As many others have posted, there could be many reasons why you feel this way, & it may take time to determine the cause, but breaking your pill in half is not the way to go. I was diagnosed with a mood disorder almost 10 years ago, but have also had hormonal, thyroid, & personal issues as well, & so I've had to have patience (not one of my virtues) with finding treatment. For me, that treatment is multi-faceted. Medication has helped, & so has therapy, & I try to be aware of my thoughts, as they're often what affects my feelings, & I try to make a fresh start each day. Keeping busy & doing things I enjoy helps as well. I hope you will go back to your doctor & speak with him honestly, & follow his advice. Good luck to you.

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DO  yourself a favor and look at  “ doctor yourself” site  .  A well respected doctor has a program to alleviate depresssion using non toxic vitamins . He  is very well respected and has written best sellers. But you can find his whole program on line for free.

       It is common knowledge that  some people don,t respond to anti depressants and MD s must run through many trials to find a match. I think it is better to naturally improve your body,s chemistry . This approach ![enhancing your  immune system ]is the latest trend in cancer research. 

     I know of many successes following Dr. Saul,s program. Good Luck

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@Graciesmom...........I have been on 2 antidepressants since 1998.  I am doing well and I am happy with the results.  I know depression is caused by neurotransmitters in the brain that do not fire right, so yes meds and self determination are the answer.  Im glad you are doing well and I have no shame in taking them either.

Saving time & trouble. If I offend you, I am sorry.