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DD Has Covid :(

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Our adult DD is living with us after a nasty divorce and she works in the grocery industry.


She's been double vaxxed and boosted, so it is true that you can still get Covid, although her symptoms are much milder than they probably would've been without it.


Her main symptoms have been fever and bad body aches, no cough or lung congestion thankfully.


The pathetic thing is that a customer a little over a week ago, had tons of medicines and soups in her cart at customer service and DD wished her family to start feeling better soon.


The woman pulled down her mask and angrily said, "Thanks a lot, we all have Covid!", spraying everything with her saliva.


DD immediately closed down her station and implemented their safety procedures, washing everything down with disinfectant.


I started running a fever yesterday, with headaches and sinus issues and body aches but they aren't as bad as hers.


When the Dr. called that her Covid test was positive, she didn't think to ask which variant it was, Omricon or the original Delta.


She'll find out when her paperwork arrives, I'm just curious.

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@KingstonsMom So sorry to hear that.  I pray it goes well for sure.

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Sorry to hear that!  I hope everyone feels better soon. 

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Hopefully your DD will have a mild case which they say (who knows) will boost her immunity against covid.


There's a lot of flu and also allergies acting up at this time. A friend of mine just had herself tested, along with her son.  Both were negative. She has a combo flu/allergy thing and he has a bad case of the flu. In either case, doctors can't tell whether it's the flu or covid 'cause the systoms are common.


Hoping and praying you and your family stay safe and well.

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I hope she quarantined herself in your house.  The variant is irrelevant.  She should have quarantined in your home immediately upon exposure.  Staying in one room, using a separate bathroom if possible, disposable eating utensils, a mask whenever she must leave the room.  Those are the important tbings, not what strain she has.  I assume everyone in the house  is vaccinated and boosted.

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Prayers for you and your daughter to be up and feeling well soon. Take care of yourselves.

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Re: DD Has Covid :(

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It's a virus. Wishing her a speedy recovery.

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I hope your DD feels better soon. The body aches and pains sound like flu.
One of my grandsons, age 4, seems to have Omicron. Headache, which he has never complained of before, lethargic, and slight congestion, fever. Dr said he didn't want him coming in for testing since it's so traumatic for that age...just treat symptoms and stay ahead of the fever with Tylenol/ Motrin alternation. He said he probably does have the Omicron variant.The treatment is the same whether the test is negative or positive. Dr said so many false negatives with the rapid test it isn't even doing it. Am sure the siblings are next. 
We have two drs in the family and I have them on speed dial! I was told that the Omicron variant usually doesn't involve the lungs...just upper respiratory. Good to know.


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Re: DD Has Covid :(

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@KingstonsMom   I'm so sorry to hear this.  It's hard to believe that anyone would be as ignorant as the woman who went to the grocery store with Covid.  Obviously, delivery is available everywhere.


I'm not sure your daughter will find out which variant she has.  I don't think they test for that, at least not here.  My niece recently had Covid.  She is home with her parents for a few months.  She was scheduled to get her booster the day after she came down with symptoms.  She stayed as far away from her parents as possible for five days, but only had symptoms for two days.  Fortunately, they (my sister and her DH) both tested negative.. I had not been over there for over a week before she came down with it.


I hope your daughter recovers quickly.  I really hope your husband doesn't get it--you, too, but especially him with his health issues.


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