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Calling @bcherry01

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I hope you are doing better with your dental issue that was causing you so much pain.

My sister-in-law is facing what sounds like the same procedure as yours. Would you be able to share any tips or info that would help her deal with it? She is extremely nervous & now is thinking of not going through with it.

I appreciate any advice you have. Thank you so much!

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@MOMMAVik, she posted that she ( @rms1954 ) had to change to @bcherry01 when the boards got messed up. I had a weird nik when I signed in today & had to change back to my usual nik.

Prayers for your SIL & hope you're better too @bcherry01. 💗💕💗


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Thank you so much for your help and your kind wishes for my SIL! I hope she will go ahead with the procedure. She has had a real ordeal with her dental problems.

This has been a crazy time with these sign in issues. Fortunately I didn't have much of a problem with that but with my luck, it may strike me sometime!! 🤪😟

Again, thanks & have a nice weekend.