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The CVS computer that tracks prescriptions is a royal pain.  I like to fill my prescriptions when I decide it is time. I do not want the computer pestering me about refills. I have tried to opt out of the automatic refills notices to no avail.


I have had the pharmacy tech override the command or remove it or whatever, but after one refill cycle the computer comes back. Is there a way to get the computer removed permanently?

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Re: CVS Computer Prescriptions

I know firsthand how frustrating this is. I called 1-800-SHOP CVS and tell them if they don't remove you from their instant refill you will have to go elsewhere.  It worked for me, I hope it works for you.  Good Luck! 

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Re: CVS Computer Prescriptions

Sounds like the software is outthinking the employees which is how corporate likes it these days. 


As long as it is a standing prescription, you can always ignore the refill. We just put any unpicked up medication back on the shelves after a few days. 


You can always order it again when you want it. Still aggravating but you're not obligated to pick a prescription up until you're ready.


They'll redo it when you ask them to if the prescription is still active and the refill has been restocked.

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Re: CVS Computer Prescriptions

I'm glad I'm not the only one.  It makes me crazy.  I say don't auto refill then I get another call a couple o later!!!!

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Re: CVS Computer Prescriptions

I had the same problem. I went to their website and took my scripts off auto refill. They would then send me texts asking me to reply yes or no for auto refill. I texted no.
Days later, Got two more texts with the same message. What a disorganized mess. 

I went to the pharmacy, the tech told me the script was still on the auto refill list. 

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Re: CVS Computer Prescriptions

My plan used Caremark and thankfully we got rid of it as I had constant problems.  We switched to Optum several years ago and there hasn't been a bobble since.  Great service.

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Re: CVS Computer Prescriptions

They are the most annoying store we have ever dealt with. We have a son that works at the corporate office. We have complained numerous times. Guess what CVS is calling as I write this. Unbelievable!!!!!!!!

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Re: CVS Computer Prescriptions

We opted out of automatic refills. Call and tell them if you choose.

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Re: CVS Computer Prescriptions

Ugh. Tell me about it! I've opted out several times.......had them override it at the store.....and STILL they autofill my scripts. Last one I just didn't pick up. What's worse is they call my cell phone too. 


If I hear that idiot say "Hell-o" more time I'll lose my mind. 


( many of you actually HEARD that voice in your head?...........Smiley Tongue



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Re: CVS Computer Prescriptions

This is one of the reasons I don't get prescriptions at CVS anymore.  It was constantly refilling my daughter' s asthma inhalers then calling and texting me to pick it up.  Didn't matter how many times I called, they'd say they change it, but the following month was always the same.