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Just asking for your opinions if you have had your apendix removed.  3 days ago, I had emergency surgery to remove my appendix.  I  am 75 years old and in good health.

It was done laparoscopically and I was home the next day.

In 8 days, I am to depart from Boston to Bermuda for a 7 day cruise.  I'm on a low fiber  diet which continues thru 2 days of the cruise and then I can add fiber.  THe surgeon said that I could go on the cruise if all remains the same as when she discharged me.

I have a post op appointment the day before we sail. 

I feel pretty good although I feel filled to the brim with tylenol and ibuprophen  Smiley Sad

Just wondering what you guys would do.


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If I felt good enough and the surgeon says it's ok, I'd go. 

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I had my appendix removed at the same time as my gallbladder, when I was 25, so our situations are quite dissimilar.  


If the surgeon says you can go, and you feel good, I don't see an issue.  The good thing is that food options on cruise ships are plentiful and you should be able to manage just fine in that regard.


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@hick     Bon Voyage!    Have a great time.   (You already know not to overdo anything).    di

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I had my appendix removed as part of debulking after my ovarian cancer diagnosis. I never paid much attention to living with or without my appendix. So, our situations are not similar. However, if you feel okay, I would maintain your plans. Like is too short to wait until every element of health is perfect. I hope you have a wonderful cruise. 

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If the doctor says you are good to go and you feel ok then Bon Voyage Woman Happy

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Bon Voyage!!! I would go but would heed my doc's instructions.

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Had a friend in a similar situation last fall.  He took off as the dr said it was ok.  When he had a problem he found out he took too much either ibuprofen or Tylenol.  I can't recall which.  He stopped taking and he was fine.  No effect from the surgery.

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The nice thing about cruises is that once you get on board, you can pamper yourself.  If you are feeling up to it, by all means go.  


Assuming you have travel insurance - just in case you need to see the ship's doctor. I've had to a few times and it is pricey. 

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Have you ever been on a cruise? Do you know for a fact you will not be seasick? I would hate to have any complication after just having surgery. Also I  might not pick a cruise for a vacation after surgery. Sometimes when one passenger gets sick it travels and many get sick. Again, after just having surgery I would not want to be in that position.