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Re: Anyone Take Voltaren for Knee Pain?

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Re: Anyone Take Voltaren for Knee Pain?

Hello, Good morning! 

Please tell me about your Knee Scope. I am an OR nurse ( RN) and have been involved in many a knee scope, but from an OR nurse circulator point of view, never as a patient. I am facing my own right knee scope in several weeks and wanted first hand info in regards to the post operative phases. 

Did you have an immobilizer?, How long before you could be active on the leg? Aside from the Ostero arthritis( which I have at the age of 64, but told it was minimal) did it totally relieve the knee pain caused from the torn meniscus( my problem also)? When could you safely drive a car( if it was the right knee for you) and return to work( on your feet all day)?

Thank you , I truly appreciate all you can tell me!!!! Crutches? Physical Therapy?

Have a wonderful day, Mary Jo